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Keyboard Functions; Japanese Keys - Sharp Zaurus SL-C Series Quick Start Manual

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///TRIsoft OHG
SL-C1000/3x00 Quickstart
Options in the user interface can be chosen by the scroll wheel and they can be
confirmed or cancelled with the compensator.
The quickstart fields at the lower border allow you to start often used applications with
just a little tip.

Keyboard functions

The SL-C series are equipped with an english "QWERTY" keyboard layout. Using the
"Fn" key you get the characters and functions printed on blue above the keys (f.e. display
brightness with the "3" and "4" keys).
Special functions and modifications we made during the localisation process are
described in this section.

Japanese keys

The two Japanese keys are redefined to "Ctrl" and "Alt" with the help of the applet
Now you may ask yourself : "Why do i have two Ctrl-keys ??". Good point ! The previous
models missed the Ctrl-key and the actual solution is simple compatible to our previous
localisation of the SL-C series. If you have a good idea for a better remapping, please
give us a hint or change it by yourself in the file "keyhelper.xml"
This applet can be found in the internet at .
Unfortunately, the help texts are currently only available in Japanese. Key codes can be
read or existing mappings can be checked with the applet KeyHelper Control.
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SHARP SL-C1000/3x00

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