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Usb-Keyboard (Zaurus Is Host); Annotations About Software; Applications; Movieplayer - Sharp Zaurus SL-C Series Quick Start Manual

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SL-C1000/3x00 Quickstart
///TRIsoft OHG

USB-Keyboard (Zaurus is host)

Using the hostcable a USB-keyboard can be used with the Zaurus. Just plug it in and
ready to go. We tested this successfully with a KeySonic ACK-610EL.

Annotations about Software



The SHARP Movie Player is able to play .asf-files, encoded with MPEG4 Video V1 and
simple MPEG-files.
Also well known is the doublepack mplayer/Kino2. Please remind to donwload the
mplayer version for the C1000/3x00 series models. The former C-series Zauri were
equipped with an ATI graphics chip that is no longer used in the 1000/3x00 series. The
actual (as of 03/28/06) mplayer version with the needed wmm-extensions would be:
To convert movies in the Zaurus-friendly format you will find a lot of information at:

PIM-Applications (KO/Pi / KA/Pi)

Since January 2005 we preinstall on the SL-C series the PIM applications ot the PI-Sync
project by Lutz Rogowski.
KOrganizer and KAddressbook are outstanding alternatives to the very simple SHARP
original applications. At you will find complete documentation, FAQ and

TextMaker for Zaurus

The SL-C3x00 models come with a preinstalled 30 day trial version for TextMaker by
SoftMaker. For the full version, contact your dealer or visit us in the internet at / .
More information about TextMaker is to be found at .
SHARP SL-C1000/3x00
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