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Kenmore 100.80509 Use & Care Manual page 4

5-cup glass carafe digital coffeemaker
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Fig. 6
To Set the Clock:
1. Plug in the coffeemaker. The clock in the Control Panel LCD Display begins
flashing 12:00 AM, at the same time, "Auto" LED and "ON" LED will flash green
one time to indicate it is powered on. (If you do nothing at this point, the clock
will flash for 5 seconds and then start keeping time from 12:00 AM).
2. Press and release the SET Button. The "AUTO" LED will flash Green.
The word TIMER also flashes (see Fig. 6).
3. Press and release the SET button again and the word CLOCK flashes. Now press
the HOUR button until the correct hour is displayed. Be sure to set the time with the
correct AM or PM designation.
4. Next, press the MINUTE button to set the correct minutes. The time is now set.
After 5 seconds, the clock will begin to keep the time.
NOTE: You can make the hours and minutes move more quickly in the clock
display by holding the display buttons down.
To Set the Timer:
1. First set the clock. See directions above.
2. Press and release the SET button. The "AUTO" LED will flash
Green and the word TIMER will flash.
3. Set the time you wish the coffeemaker to begin brewing by pressing
the Hour and Minute buttons. Be sure to set the correct designation
of AM or PM.
4. Press the ON AUTO OFF button twice to begin the Timer. The green
"AUTO" LED light stays on to show the Timer is activated.
5. To cancel the Timer for automatic brewing, just push the ON AUTO
OFF button again and all lights go out.
ALWAYS UNPLUG the coffeemaker from the electric outlet before cleaning. The exterior
of the coffeemaker, the control panel area and the warming plate should only be cleaned
with a soft damp cloth.
NEVER immerse the coffeemaker in water or any liquid.
DO NOT clean the warming plate unless it is completely
cool. DO NOT use abrasive cleansers or scouring pads.
A damaged carafe may result in possible burns from a hot liquid.
To avoid breaking:
1. DO NOT allow all liquid to evaporate from the carafe while on the warming plate
and never heat the glass carafe when empty.
2. DISCARD the carafe if chipped, cracked, or damaged in any manner.
3. NEVER use abrasive scouring pads or cleansers; they will scratch and weaken
the glass.
4. DO NOT place the carafe on or near a gas or electric burner, in a heated oven,
or in a microwave oven.
5. Avoid rough handling and sharp blows.
6. DO NOT set a hot carafe down on a wet or cold surface.
After about 70 pots of coffee it is a good idea to clean the coffeemaker to remove water
deposits. To Clean:
1. Open the one-piece cover of reservoir.
2. Pour white vinegar into the reservoir to about the 2
3. Add cold water up to the 5 cup level.
4. Put a paper filter in the brew basket, close cover, and place empty carafe on the
warming plate.
5. Turn the coffeemaker ON and let half of the vinegar water solution brew through
and into the carafe.
6. Turn the coffeemaker OFF at this point and let it soak for at least 15 minutes to soften
any deposits.
7. Turn the coffeemaker back ON and brew the remaining solution into the carafe.
When brew cycle has stopped, turn OFF coffeemaker, empty carafe, and discard
soiled paper filter.
8. Refill reservoir with cold water up to the 5 cup level and turn ON to run another brew
cycle. You may want to repeat again to eliminate any vinegar smell/taste.
9. Wash the brew basket and carafe.
cup level.



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