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On/Off; Self Test; Freezer Compartment; Max. Freezing Capacity - LG GB33 Series Owner's Manual

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When there is a power outage during long
When large amounts of warm food are placed
in freezer
When the freezer door is open too long or too
Pressing this button stops operation of other but-
"Locking" or "Un-Locking" is repeated whenever
pressing the LOCK button.
For "Locking" press the "LOCK" button for 3 secs.
For "Un-Locking" press the "LOCK" button for 3 secs.
When 'LOCK' is activated, pressing the other buttons
would not work.


• Pressing this button refrigerator power is ON or
• ON or OFF is repeated whenever pressing the ON/
OFF button.
(For "OFF" press the "ON/OFF" button for 3~7 secs.
For "ON" press the "ON/OFF" button for 1 secs.)

Self test

• This function automatically detects failure when
failure is found in product during the use of refrig-
• If the failure occurs at product and it does not oper-
ate by pressing any button and normal indication is
not done, do not turn the power off and immedi-
ately contact with the local service center.
• A lot of time is needed for service engineer to
detect the failed part by turning it off .

Freezer compartment

If a large quantity of food is to be placed in the
freezer compartment,
The upper drawer of freezer compartment,
twist ice maker kit shall be taken out of the ap-
pliance and the food shall be stacked directly
on the wire shelf.
The middle drawer of freezer compartment
shall be taken out of the appliance and food
shall be stacked directly on the wire shelf.
Freezer compartment provides wire shelf on default
to maximize food storage capacity. And also the
drawer is provided to convenient usage for watery
meat or half-liquid state food.

Max. freezing capacity

If there is already food in the compartment, please
set freezer to the coldest condition ( -23°C) and press
on "Express Frz„ button several hours before placing
fresh produce in the freezer compartment to get
maximum capacity.
As a rule 7 hours is adequate.

Fresh Converter

Fresh Converter storage compartment can control
the temperature by adjusting the position of the
temperature knob and generally its temperature is
maintained lower than the set-up temperature of
the refrigerator.
When keeping vegetables after setting up 'Meat' or
'Fish' , the cold injury may occur.
Open state : Move knob to the left(type1)
Closed state : Move knob to the right(type3)
Recommended state : Middle position(type2)
Type 1
Type 2
Type 3



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