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Parts And Features; What's New Behind The Doors - Whirlpool WRX735SDHV Use & Care Manual

French door bottom mount refrigerator
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What's New Behind the Doors?

Your Whirlpool
Energy and Normal Operating Sounds
Your new French Door Bottom Mount refrigerator has been
designed to optimize energy ef ciency, and better regulate
temperatures to match cooling demand. You may notice that it
operates differently from your previously owned refrigerator. It is
normal for the high-ef ciency compressor to run for extended
periods of time at varying speeds in order to consume only the
energy necessary for optimum ef ciency. In addition, during
various stages of the cooling cycle, you may hear normal
operating sounds that are unfamiliar to you.
More Storage Space
The French Door Bottom Mount has the most fresh food storage
space available, including a full-width, temperature controlled,
pantry drawer perfect for storing veggie trays or party platters.
Ice Dispensing System
The ice storage bin located in the door provides an entire extra
shelf of storage space, and the storage bin is removable for easy
access to ltered ice.
Dual Evaporator (on some models)
The refrigerator and freezer compartments have dedicated
evaporators to provide fresh and frozen foods with separate
climates. Frozen food stays cold and dry, while fresh food
remains at the ideal temperature and humidity.
Platter Pocket
This full-width slide-out shelf tucked between the crispers and
the lowest shelf is perfect for leftover family-sized casserole
dishes, pizza boxes, and large party platters.
French door refrigerator comes equipped with various
A. Ice maker
B. Air lter
C.Water lter
D. Door bins
E. Crispers
F. Pantry drawer
G. Freezer drawer
H. LED ramp-on lighting
I. In-Door-Ice
dispensing system
J. Platter Pocket
Water Filter
Certi ed lter reduces chlorine taste and odor, particulates
(class I), lead, and mercury. Replacing the water lter every 6
months ensures clean, ltered drinking water.
Air Filter
An air lter is 15 times more powerful than baking soda at
reducing common food odors inside the refrigerator.
Produce Preserver (on some models)
Ethylene is a natural gas produced by fruits and vegetables to
promote ripening. The Produce Preserver absorbs ethylene, to
delay the over-ripening of fresh produce. As a result, certain
produce items will stay fresh longer.
Kitchen Sound System (on some models)
We made the kitchen pulse with energy by adding music where
it's never been before. The CoolVox
easily with smart phones, tablets or other Bluetooth
Water Dispenser with Measured Fill
(on some models)
The measured ll feature allows you to dispense the desired
amount of ltered water.
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kitchen sound system pairs

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Table of Contents

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