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Features - NEC MultiSync EA245WMi-2 User Manual

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Fully Ergonomic Stand: Provides viewing flexibility with 150mm height adjustment, -5 ~ 35-degree tilt, 170-degree swivel to
both right/left directions with cable management function and small footprint. Monitor head (display part) can touch stand base
for lower position requirement.
ErgoDesign Features: Enhanced human ergonomics to improve the working environment, protect the health of the user and
save money. In addition to the fully ergonomic stand, examples include OSD controls for quick and easy image adjustment and
lower emissions.
Various Signal Interfaces: This model has various interfaces like Analog D-SUB, DVI-D, DisplayPort and HDMI.
DisplayPort OUT: This monitor has a DisplayPort out connector for daisy-chain connection. Multiple monitors can be connected
without complicated cable management.
UNIFORMITY: This feature compensates for slight variations in the white uniformity level that may occur on the screen and
improves the color and evens out the luminance uniformity of the display.
Response Improve: Improved gray to gray response.
Color Control Systems: Allow you to adjust the colors on your screen and customize the color accuracy of your monitor to a
variety of standards.
sRGB Color Control: A new optimized color management standard which allows for color matching on computer displays
and other peripherals. The sRGB, which is based on the calibrated color space, allows for optimal color representation and
backward compatibility with other common color standards.
Plug and Play: The Microsoft
solution with the Windows
operating system facilitates setup and installation by allowing
the monitor to send its capabilities (such as screen size and resolutions supported) directly to your computer, automatically
optimizing display performance.
Intelligent Power Manager System: Provides innovative power-saving methods that allow the monitor to shift to a lower power
consumption level when on but not in use, saving two-thirds of your monitor energy costs, reducing emissions and lowering the
air conditioning costs of the workplace.
VESA Standard Mounting Interface: Allows users to connect your MultiSync monitor to any VESA standard third party
mounting arm or bracket.
USB 3.1 Gen 1: USB 3.1 Gen 1 hub for faster communication with the workstation, e.g. using a USB memory stick.
USB Monitor Control: Allow you to adjust each item through application software by connecting an USB cable.
Human/Ambient Sensors: Controls screen brightness according to user presence and ambient light status for less power
NaViSet Administrator 2 Software: Offers an expanded and intuitive graphical interface, allowing you to more easily adjust
OSD display settings from network PC.
Environmental Impact: Annual typical maximum operating carbon footprint of this monitor (world-wide average) is
approximately 45.5 kg (calculated by: rated wattage x 8 hours per day x 5 days a week x 45 weeks per year x Power-to-Carbon
conversion factor - conversion factor is based on OECD publication of global CO2 emissions 2008 Edition). This monitor has a
manufacturing carbon footprint of approximately 51.2 kg.
Note: The manufacturing and operating carbon footprints are calculated by a unique algorithm developed exclusively by NEC
for its monitors, and are accurate at the time of printing. NEC reserves the right to publish updated carbon footprint values.
ControlSync: Follow the steps of "DATA COPY" and copy the settings from the master monitor to the sub monitors
by connecting the ControlSync cable. When the setting of the master monitor is adjusted, it is sent to the sub monitors
automatically, providing easy setting controls in a multiple monitor environment.
Customize Setting: Allows to store the current settings and recover stored settings.
Low Blue Light: This monitor has a blue light reducing function. This means hazardous light from the monitor is substantially
reduced and it allows to free from eyestrain (see page 18).
Flicker Free: Special backlight system reduces flicker for less eyestrain.



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