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Configure Date & Time - Sony TEP-TX5 Installation & User Manual

Professional player teos 2.0
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After activating TEOS Control as administrator, go to menu and open TEOS Control app. The app is
not displaying an Interface, it is only a service.
2.3. Configure date & time
This section explains how the in-built clock is working and how to configure time and use the
professional timer in the player.
Go to settings>date & time, the features available under this menu are:
Automatic date & time: automatically use network provided time
Automatic time zone: automatically use network provided time zone
Set date: manually set date
Set time: manually set time
Select time zone: manually set your time zone
Use 24h format: you can choose 12- or 24-hour clocks
If in your date & time menu, NTP clock synchronization is not available or if you want to schedule the
NTP synchronization, y ou can use an external app such as clocksync.
Go into the player menu>apk installer and install the apk
6 |Installation & User Manual – Professional Player



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