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Labeling Elements - Philips TSU200099 User Manual

Pronto universal intelligent remote control
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Labeling Elements

The following elements can be labeled:
· control panel buttons,
· devices, macro groups and timer groups,
· macros and timers,
· the Left/Right buttons labels.
To label control panel buttons, macros, timers and the Left/Right buttons labels, go
to ÒLabeling a buttonÓ (see p. 24).
To label devices, macro groups and timer groups, go to ÒLabeling a deviceÓ
You cannot label Home menu buttons directly. You have to label them via the
Device menu (see p. 25).
Labeling a button
1 Navigate to the panel containing the button you want to label.
2 Switch to Label mode via the Mode button
3 Tap the button you want to label.
The display shows a Òvirtual auto-zoomingÓ mini-keyboard. The button you
want to label is displayed above the keyboard.
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Table of Contents

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