Philips LTC9383/50 Instructions For Use Manual
Philips LTC9383/50 Instructions For Use Manual

Philips LTC9383/50 Instructions For Use Manual

Outdoor camera housings


Outdoor Camera Housings
LTC 9380 Series
Communication &
Security Systems


Table of Contents

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Summary of Contents for Philips LTC9383/50

  • Page 1 Outdoor Camera Housings LTC 9380 Series Philips Communication & Security Systems...
  • Page 2 IMPORTANT SAFEGUARDS 1. Read Instructions - All the safety and operating instructions should be read before the unit is operated. 2. Retain Instructions - The safety and operating instructions should be retained for future reference. 3. Heed Warnings - All warnings on the unit and in the operating instructions should be adhered to.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Pull Seals If an item appears to have been damaged in shipment, replace it properly in its carton and notify the shipper. If any items are missing, notify your Philips Communication & Security Systems Inc. Sales Representative or Customer Service.
  • Page 4: Description

    DESCRIPTION The LTC 9380 Series of environmental housings are attractive aluminum enclosures designed for outdoor CCD camera installations. Slim and compact, the LTC 9380 Series are available in two lengths. Enclosure Rating 4.1.1 NEMA-3R and IP54 The LTC 9380 Series housings include a “breather” hole in the front end cap.
  • Page 5: Cradle Removal

    Lens Control Cable Cable Type: Jacketed Multiconductor Cable. Cable Size: Outside diameter between 4.3 mm (0.170”) & 11.9 mm (0.470”). Cable Shape: Round. Shield: Overall shielding. Conductors: Stranded 20 to 16 AWG wire. No. of Conductors: 4 and 8. Conductor Insulation: Color coded. Sources: Belden 9552 Belden 9554.
  • Page 6: Camera/Lens Wiring

    Camera/Lens Wiring WARNING: Only use the cables specified under “INSTALLATION, Cable Requirements” for wiring of all cameras and lenses. 5.6.1 General The dual-male threaded portion of the three liquid tight fittings, two NPT 1/2-inch and one NPT 3/8-inch, located in the rear of the cradle are provided pre- installed.
  • Page 7 Recommended Maximum Cable Lengths Models Wire Size -1 (115 VAC) -2 (24 VAC) -2X (24 VAC) -4 (230 VAC) Use the left liquid-tight fitting of the housing to route the power wire into the housing. See Figure 9. Figure 9: Liquid-Tight Fittings and Power Connector (Side &...
  • Page 8 To Heater/Defogger White/Black Black Striped 115 VAC 24 VAC Input White/Black White Striped To Heater/Defogger Figure 12: LTC 9383/60/LTC 9388/60 Transformer Wired for 24 Volt Camera 5.6.5 LTC 9383/20 and L TC 9388/20 Housings These housings are to be connected to 24 VAC only, and are designed to be used where site power is 24 volts.
  • Page 9: Video Coax Connection

    To Camera Brown Grey Terminal Black 230 VAC Input Blue Terminal Blue Blue To Camera Figure 15: LTC 9383/50/LTC 9388/50 Transformer Wired for 230 Volt Camera Installing a 24 volt camera into the LTC 9383/50 or LTC 9388/50 housing utilizes the internal transformer for camera power.
  • Page 10: Camera/Lens Adjustment

    approximately 1 to 1-1/2 turns past the point the fitting starts to grip the wire. Failure to do so will result in water damage to all electronic parts. Use a tie wrap (included) to provide strain relief on the lens control cable at the exit point (inside unit).
  • Page 11 W9608408AE Figure 24: Installing the Pull Seal 5.10.2 Cradle Assembly Position the housing vertically and replace the cradle assembly by applying pressure onto the rear cap until the end of the cradle is securely closed. Make sure the index marks are aligned with the etch mark on the housing.
  • Page 12: Recommended Applications

    RECOMMENDED APPLICATIONS LTC 9383/60 and LTC 9388/60 Housings The LTC 9383/60 and LTC 9388/60 housings are UL Listed to Standard 2044. Only the following cameras can be used in these housings to maintain the UL Listing. These housings require a 115 VAC, 60 Hz power supply. Camera _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Models...
  • Page 13: Ltc 9383/10 And Ltc 9388/10 Housings

    LTC 9383/10 and LTC 9388/10 Housings The LTC 9383/10 and LTC 9388/10 housings will accommodate the following cameras. These Housings require a 24 VAC, 50 Hz power supply. They are not UL Listed. Camera _____________________________________________________________________________________________ Models LTC 9383/20 LTC 0142/10 with 3mm fixed iris lens LTC 0143/10 with 6mm fixed iris lens...
  • Page 14: Exploded View

    EXPLODED VIEW PARTS LIST Drawing Number Qty. Part Description 15-inch Cradle Assembly Kit - 315 2798 001 15-inch Cradle-Heater Assembly Ring Tongue Terminal 15-inch Plastic Sheild Ground Spring M4 x 10 Phillips Head Screw Caution Label 19-inch Cradle Assembly Kit - 315 2799 001 19-inch Cradle-Heater Assembly Ring Tongue Terminal 19-inch Plastic Sheild...
  • Page 15 9380 Series Outdoor Camera Housings Addendum...
  • Page 16 LTC 9388/60 at the 115 VAC Rated Input: FROM: 108 to 132. TO: 104 to 127. 3935 890 19611 99-14 Printed In U.S.A. All Rights Reserved. Philips is a registered trademark of Philips Electronics N.V. Data subject to change without notice Camera/Lens Installation Add to step3: For the: LTC 0330/x1,LTC 0350/x1,LTC 0430/x1,LTC 0450/x1 cameras, use 1/4-20 x 5/8-inch screw and a 7.4 mm (0.292 in)

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