Section 3: Amplifying Audio Messages; Topics Covered; Dvc-Ao Connections - Honeywell NOTIFIER AA Series Installation Manual

Analog audio amplifiers for dvc-ao applications
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3.1 Topics Covered

Audio-amplification topics covered in this section:
Section 3.2 "DVC-AO Connections"
Section 3.3 "AA-30 Installation"
Section 3.4 "AA-30 Operation"
Section 3.5 "AA-100/AA-120 Installation"
Section 3.6 "AA-100/AA-120 General Operation"
Section 3.7 "Adjusting the Audio Gain Level"
Section 3.8 "Wiring Multiple Audio Amplifiers"
– Section 3.8.1 "Two Primary AA-30s Without Backup"
– Section 3.8.2 "Two Primary AA-100/AA-120s Without Backup"
– Section 3.8.3 "Two Primary Amplifiers With Backup"

3.2 DVC-AO Connections

The DVC-AO option board generates low-level analog audio messages that may be used as inputs to AA-Series audio amplifiers.
Figure 3.1 and Figure 3.2 provide a closeup view of connections on the DVC-AO, to be used in conjunction with the other wiring dia-
grams in this manual.
S + -
Low level
audio IN
AA Series
audio amplifier terminals

Section 3: Amplifying Audio Messages

S + -
Low level
Figure 3.1 Wiring the DVC-AO Board
AA-series Audio Amplifiers Manual for DVC-AO Applications — P/N 52526:B 8/13/2019
DVC-AO Outputs 1 - 4

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Table of Contents

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