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Philips AJL308/05 Quick Start page 2

Philips clock radio ajl308
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I. Connecting power
• Connect the supplied mains adapter to the set's
9V DC jack and the plug into a wall outlet.
II. Setting time and date
1. Press MENU.
2. Use 1 2 to highlight "Clock".
3. Use 3 4 to select a field of "Time Set" and "Date
4. Press OK to confirm.
5. Press or hold down 3 4 to set the values.
6. Press OK to confirm.
7. Repeat Steps 3-6 to set other values of "Time Set
and "Date (Year-Month-Day)".
8. After finishing the setting, press CLOCK,
TUNER, PICTURE or MUSIC to exit the
setup menu.
Helpful hint:
In the clock mode, to zoom the picture displayed,
press and hold CLOCK for around 2 seconds, then
press OK repeatedly to enlarge picture or resume
to normal size, and use 1 2 3 4 to pan the
enlarged picture through. To exit the zoom mode,
press CLOCK again.
Before zoom
After zoom
III. Setting/Activating alarm time
You can set two different alarm times.
1. Press CLOCK.
2. Hold down ALARM 1 or ALARM 2 for about 2
seconds, then release.
3. Press or hold down 3 4 to set hour.
4. Press ALARM 1 or ALARM 2 to confirm.
5. Press or hold down 3 4 to set minute.
6. Press ALARM 1 or ALARM 2 to confirm.
7. Press again ALARM 1 or ALARM 2 to activate
alarm setting.
➜When alarm is activated,
IV. Switching off the alarm
• During alarm call, press any button except
• To switch off alarm completely, press ALARM 1
Helpful hint:
• During alarm call, if no button is pressed, alarm call
• To set the alarm sound with specific music, select
V. Tuner
1. Press TUNER.
2. Press MENU.
3. Press 4 to select "Tuner Auto Program".
4. Press OK to start the auto search and
5. Press 3 4 once or more to select your desired
• In TUNER mode, to turn off radio, press OK. To
• To auto tune to a radio station, press and hold
➜Alarm will auto reset daily.
to enable repeat alarm in 9 minutes.
or ALARM 2 repeatedly until
➜When alarm is deactivated,
is activated,
will last 30 minutes.
desired music in the "Alarm Music" of the Clock
➜The Tuner menu appears.
➜ 20 available stations are programmed (FM).
turn on radio, press OK again.
press and hold 1 2 for about 2 seconds, then
release. (To store particular station, refer to
"Manual programming" of Tuner section in the
user manual.)
is changed
displays. When it



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