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  • Page 1 Clock Radio AJL305 Register your product and get support at User manual...
  • Page 2 ALARM C L O C K R A D I O A J L 3 0 5 Design by Philips, Holland CLOCK TUNER PHOTO ANT. DC IN 9V RESET...
  • Page 3: Power Supply

    English Controls (See Alarm – activates, or deactivates alarm REPEAT ALARM/BRIGHTNESS CONTROL – repeats alarm in 9-minute interval – adjusts brightness of LCD display CLOCK – switches to clock mode TUNER – switches to tuner mode PHOTO – switches to photo mode Mini USB port –...
  • Page 4: General Information

    General Information Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Philips! To fully benefi t from the support that Philips offers, register your product at Supplied accessory – 1 X certifi ed power adapter (Model: DSA- 9W-09 FAU 090100 Input: 100-240V ~50/60Hz 0.3A, Output: +9V 1A)
  • Page 5: Setup - Clock

    Setup - Clock In clock mode, you can set clock time, alarm time, auto dim, and slideshow, make the set automatically scan FM stations, and view memory status in the setup menu. Setting Clock Setting time 1 Press CLOCK. 2 Press SETUP to enter setup menu. 3 Press SELECT.
  • Page 6: Setup - Alarm

    Setup - Alarm Setting Alarm You can set the alarm time and select the alarm sound between Tuner and Buzzer. 1 Press CLOCK. 2 Press SETUP. ➜ Set Alarm is highlighted. 3 Press SELECT. ➜ The set enters alarm setup mode. 4 Press DOWN to highlight Alarm Time.
  • Page 7: Setting Slideshow

    DOWN to select the desired end time. 12 Press BACK to exit setting. Helpful hints: – You can set the timer to start at night and end in the morning so that AJL305 automatically dims at night and lights up in the morning.
  • Page 8 Setup-Clock Display/Memory Status Setup-Clock Display You can set whether to display clock or not in photo mode. Press CLOCK. Press SETUP. Press UP or DOWN repeatedly to highlight Clock Display. Press SELECT. Press UP or DOWN to select ON or OFF.
  • Page 9 Tuner Tuning to radio station 1 Press TUNER to switch on radio (FM only). 2 Press and hold for about 2 seconds, then release. ➜ The radio automatically tunes to a station of suffi cient reception. 3 Repeat step 2 if necessary until you fi nd the desired station.
  • Page 10: Voice Memo

    Photo Manual browsing To browse all photos in albums • Press the button below a certain person’s album. Slide show The set can display all photos automatically at a set frequency. 1 Switch slide show on. 2 Set a desired time interval between slides. For slide show setting, please refer to chapter Setup - Slideshow.
  • Page 11: Brightness Adjustment

    Brightness Adjustment You can manually adjust LCD brightness or let the set adjust brightness automatically. Manually adjustment • Press REPEAT ALARM / BRIGHTNESS CONTROL once or more to cycle screen brightness through 3 levels. Automatically adjustment To avoid strong light emitting from the unit at night time, the auto dim function can be used to adjust the brightness to the lowest level automatically.
  • Page 12: Safety And Maintenance

    Safety and maintenance • If you do not intend to use the clock radio for a long time, withdraw the power cord from the wall outlet. • Place the set on a hard and fl at surface so that the system does not tilt. •...
  • Page 13: Specifications

    Specifi cations TUNER Tuning Range ...FM 87.5-108 MHz Signal-to-Noise Ratio ... 55 dB MAIN UNIT Power Supply Rating ... 100-240 V AC Power Consumption...< 6 W Weight ... 320 g Dimensions (w × d × h) ...244 x 70 x 51.5 mm Packaging Dimensions (w ×...
  • Page 14: Troubleshooting

    – The software of this set is corrupted. • Connect the set to your PC and synchronize the set again by using AJL305 Photo Manager. The screen brightness keeps turning dark. – The set is in auto dim timing.
  • Page 15 This Manufacturers Warranty is limited to 3 months for the above listed Consumer Electronics products if used in commercial applications. Philips may, at its discretion choose to replace rather than repair any product covered by this warranty. Product accessories are covered by the same warranty period.
  • Page 16 12 months prior to the date of your claim. 5. In the event of a failure, Philips shall be under no liability for any injury, or any loss or damage caused to property or products other than the product under guarantee.
  • Page 17 Meet Philips at the Internet AJL305 Printed in China PDCC-ZC-0804...

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