Philips AJL308/17X Manual
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Philips AJL308/17X

  • Page 1 User Manual first for quick tips Le Guide rapide de début et Manuel de Lea primero la Guía rápida del comienzo that make using your Philips product l'utilisateur regorgent d'astuces destinées à o el Manual del usuario, en donde encontrará more enjoyable.
  • Page 2: Important Safety Instructions

    Registering your model with PHILIPS makes you eligible for all of the valuable benefits listed below, so don't miss out. Complete and return your Product Registration Card at once, or register online at
  • Page 3 English Controls 6 SLEEP Supplied accessory – sets, activates or deactivates sleep function – 1 X certified power adapter 7 ALARM 1/ALARM 2 (Input: 100-240V ~50/60Hz 0.3A~0.4A, – sets, activates or deactivates alarm Output: 9V 8 REPEAT ALARM/BRIGHTNESS Controls (see CONTROL –...
  • Page 4 Alarm Digital tuner Power supply/Basic operation To change time format Power supply CONTROL Turning on/off radio ➜ 1 In the Clock menu, press 3 4 to select the is displayed. • To turn off radio, press OK.To turn on radio, 1 Connect the supplied power adapter to the value of “12/24 Hour Format”.
  • Page 5: Video Mode

    USB/Memory card(SD/MMC) USB/Memory card(SD/MMC) ➜The slideshow of the stored pictures will To select display picture format Compatible memory card Using USB device/memory • You may change still picture display format on start from the selected picture. – SD card card (SD/MMC) the screen by selecting “Widescreen”...
  • Page 6 Sleep / Illumination Setup menu Using Setup menu options Automatically adjusting Sleep The setup menu offers you advanced fea- To avoid strong light emitting from the unit at The clock radio has a built-in sleep timer, tures. night time, the auto dim function can be used which enables the set to automatically turn 1 Press MENU.
  • Page 7: Safety And Maintenance

    Safety and maintenance Troubleshooting • No naked flame sources, such as lighted Safety and general If a fault occurs, first check the points listed below before taking the set for repair. candles, should be placed on the apparatus. maintenance If you are unable to remedy a problem by following these hints, consult your dealer or •...
  • Page 8: Environmental Information

    INFORMATION REGARDING USB DIRECT: Environmental information 1. Compatibility of the USB connection on this product: All unnecessary packaging material has been omitted.The packaging can be easily separat- a) This product supports most USB Mass storage devices (MSD) that these devices are compliant ed into three materials: cardboard, polystyrene and plastic.
  • Page 9 ANY EXPRESS OR IMPLIED WARRANTY ON THIS PROD- UCT. EXCEPT TO THE EXTENT PROHIBITED BY APPLICA- Philips is not liable for any damage to or loss of any programs, BLE LAW, ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILI- data, or other information stored on any media contained with-...

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