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Deleting A Mp3/Wma File; Other Operations; Programmed Playback; Displaying File Information (Id3 Tag) - LG SB156 Owner's Manual

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Deleting a MP3/WMA file

You can delete file, folder or format by pressing
DELETE. (USB only)
1. Press DELETE repeatedly during selecting
the MP3/ WMA file. This function is supported
only in stop status. The display changes in the
following order.
- DELETE? : deletes file
- DEL DIR? : deletes folder
- FORMAT? : formats USB
2. To select "YES" or "NO", press Y/U on
the unit or Cc/vV on the remote
control or rotate FILE SEARCH.
3. To delete file/folder or format, press SELECT on
the unit.
4. If you want to exit the current mode, press Z
on the remote control or I/PRE - on the unit.
y Do not extract the USB device during
operation.(play, delete, etc.)
y Regular back up is recommended to
prevent data loss.
y The delete function may not be supported
according to the USB status. (lock, etc.)
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Other Operations

Programmed Playback

The program function enables you to store your
favorite files from any disc or USB device.
A program can contain 20 tracks.
1. Insert a CD or USB and wait for it to be order.
2. Press PROGRAM/MEMO on the remote control
in stop status.
3. Press Y/U on the unit or
Cc/vV on the romote control or
rotate FILE SEARCH in stop status.
4. Press PROGRAM/MEMO again to save and
select a next track.
5. Press d/M on the remote control or T/PRE +
or SELECT on the unit to play the programmed
music files.
6. To clear your selection, press Z on the remote
control or I/PRE - on the unit twice.
The programs are also cleared when the disc
or USB device is removed, the unit is powered
off or the function is switched to others.
Displaying file information
While playing an MP3 file containing file
information, you can display the information by
pressing INFO.

Turn off the sound temporarily

Press @ MUTE to mute your unit.
You can mute your unit, for example, to answer the
telephone, the "MUTE" is displayed in the display
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