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Portable audio
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Unique Features

USB Direct Recording
Records music to your USB device.
Portable In
Listens to music from your portable device. (MP3,
Notebook, etc)


Please check and identify the supplied accessories.
Remote Control (1)
AC Power cable (1)
Playable file
MP3/WMA music file
MP3/ WMA file compatibility with this unit is limited
as follows :
y Sampling Frequency : 32 - 48 kHz (MP3), 32 - 48
kHz (WMA)
y Bit rate : 32 - 320 kbps (MP3), 40 - 320 kbps
y Maximum files : Under 999
y File extensions : ".mp3"/ ".wma"
y CD-ROM file format : ISO9660/ JOLIET
SB156-F0U_ADEULLK_ENG.indd 5
Battery (1)
y We recommend that you use "Easy-CD Creator",
which creates an ISO 9660 file system.
y You have to set the disc format option to
[Mastered] in order to make the discs compatible
with the LG players when formatting rewritable
discs. When setting the option to Live File
System, you cannot use it on LG players.
(Mastered/Live File System : Disc format system
for Windows Vista)

Compatible USB Devices

y MP3 Player : Flash type MP3 player.
y USB Flash Drive : Devices that support USB2.0 or
y The USB function of this unit does not support
all USB devices.

USB device requirement

y Devices which require additional program
installation when you have connected it to a
computer, are not supported.
y Do not extract the USB device while in operation.
y For a large capacity USB, it may take longer than
a few minute to be searched.
y To prevent data loss, back up all data.
y If you use a USB extension cable or USB hub, the
USB device is not recognized.
y Using NTFS file system is not supported. (Only
FAT(16/ 32) file system is supported.)
y This unit is not supported when the total
number of files is 1 000 or more.
y External HDD, Card readers, Locked devices, or
hard type USB devices are not supported.
y USB port of the unit cannot be connected to PC.
The unit cannot be used as a storage device.

Getting Started

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents