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Construction; Laws, Technical Prescriptions And Directives; Special Requirements For The Installation Site; Positioning, Installation And Maintenance - Whirlpool AGB 511/WP Installation, Operating And Maintenance Instructions

50 lt


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- Main structure in AISI 430 with 4 adjustable height feet.
- Panels in stainless steel AISI 304, thickness 10-12/10.
- Cooking vat in stainless steel AISI 316, thickness 20/10.
- Chrome-plated brass drainage tap.
- Lid in stainless steel, hinged and spring balanced in all
opening positions.
- Jacket and lining in stainless steel AISI 304, thickness
- Heating system comprising shielded heating elements
made from "Incoloy-800" alloy with boiler and steam cir-
- Jacket pressure is controlled by a safety valve set at 0.5
bar; the appliance is equipped with an analogue pres-
sure gauge.
- The cold water connection is 10 mm.
- The hot water connection is 10 mm.
- Safety thermostat to interrupt operation automatically in
case of failures.
- The appliance is equipped with a four-position selector
with three heating functions:
- position "0" Heating not activated
- position "1" Reduced power 50%
- position "2" Full power 100%
- position "3" Full power 100%
Laws, technical prescriptions and di-
When installing the appliance it is necessary to follow and



Remove all the packaging and check that the appliance is
in perfect conditions. In case of visible damage, do not con-
nect the appliance and notify the sales point immediately.
Remove the PVC protection from the panels.
Dispose of packaging according to regulations. Generally
material is divided according to composition and should
be delivered to the waste disposal service.
There are no special instructions regarding distances from
other appliances or walls, however it is advisable to main-
tain a sufficient distance to allow any servicing operations
to be performed. In the event the appliance should be in-
stalled in direct contact with inflammable walls, it is advi-
sable to fit suitable heat insulation.
The appliance must stand level. Small differences in level
can be eliminated by screwing or unscrewing the adjusta-
ble feet: A significantly uneven or sloping stance can af-
fect the operation of the appliance adversely.


Warning! : Only qualified technicians must perform
the installation, maintenance and test of the appliance.
Warning! :
Before connecting any parts of the ap-
pliance to supplies, make sure that the latter is equiva-
lent the requirements stated in the technical data plate,
if the appliance has been designed for these supplies.
037 - 03 - Electric kettles 50 lt
comply with the following regulations:
- current regulations on the matter;
- any hygienic-sanitary regulations concerning cooking
- municipal and/or territorial building regulations and fire
prevention prescriptions;
- current accident prevention guidelines;
- electricity board regulations concerning safety;
- the regulations of the electrical power supply company
or agency;
- any other local prescriptions.
Special requirements for the installa-
tion site
- The room in which the appliance is to operate must be
well ventilated.
- In addition, it is good policy to locate the appliance un-
der an extractor hood so that cooking vapours can be
removed rapidly and continuously.
- Current regulations require the installation of a multiple
pole switch between the appliance and the electrical
power supply; the switch must have a contact gap of
least 3 mm on each pole.
- This appliance requires two water connections: one for
hot and one for cold water. Each line must be fitted with
an on-off valve.
Warning! :
The electrical isolating switch and the
water shutoff valves must both be located near to the
appliance, within easy reach for the user.
Electrical connections and equipoten-
tial bonding
Warning! :
The appliance is supplied to operate
according to the power supply indicated on the data
As mentioned, the appliance must be connected to the
power supply by way of a multiple pole main isolating swit-
ch and protection device that must be proportioned to the
power of the appliance (1 mA per kW of rated power).
The earthing system must be efficient.
As this appliance is type X equipment (delivery without
power cable and plug), the cable and other hardware nee-
ded to make the connection to the electrical power supply
must be provided by the installer.
The power cable shall be of the kind described in the pa-
ragraph "Technical data" and shall be resistant to oil.
The power terminal board can be reached by removing
the lower front panel (unloose the screws). The cable fa-
stener is on the lower right-hand side.
The cable must be fed in from beneath the clamp. The in-
dividual wires are then fastened to the corresponding ter-
minals of the terminal board. The earth wire must be lon-
ger than the other wires, so that in the event of the cable
being jerked or the clamp broken, the live wires will di-
sconnect first. Lock the cord fastener.
The appliance must incorporate an equipotential system.


Table of Contents

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