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Use And Cleaning; Warnings And Hints For User; Instructions For Use; Filling The Jacket - Whirlpool AGB 511/WP Installation, Operating And Maintenance Instructions

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Warnings and hints for user

This manual contains all the instructions required for a proper
and safe use of our appliances.
Keep the manual in a safe place for future consultation!
This appliance is for catering use, hence they must be used
only by trained kitchen staff.
The appliance must always be kept under control during use.
Warning! :
The manufacturer shall not be held re-
sponsible for injuries or damage due to the non-com-
pliance with safety rules or an improper use of the ap-
pliance by the operator.
Some improper operating conditions may even be caused by
an improper use of the appliance, therefore it is important to
train personnel properly.
All the installation and maintenance operations must be
performed by fitters who are members of an official regi-
Respect the periods required for maintenance. With this is
mind, customers are recommended to sign a service agree-
In case of failures concerning the appliance, all outputs
(electrical power supply and water) must be cut off instantly.
In case of recurrent failures, contact a service technician.
Intruction for use
Before cooking with the appliance for the first time, wash
the interior of the cooking vat thoroughly.
Warning! :
Fill the cooking vat up to a maximum
of 40 mm under the overflow border, according to the
maximum level mark, including the food to be cooked.
Warning! :
Before filling the vat, always check
that the drainage tap is closed.

Filling the jacket

Warning! :
The water level inside the jacket must
be controlled each time before switching on the ap-
Warning! :
It is advisable to use softened water
to fill the jacket.
Open the level tap on the front of the appliance.
Unscrew the filling cap on the safety valve unit. The latter
is on the right-hand side of the appliance (see figure "View
of appliance").
Add softened water (the capacity of the jacket is stated in
the paragraph "Technical Data").
When water comes out of the level tap, close it and screw
back on the safety unit cap.
Switching on, start cooking and swit-
ching off
Fill the vat with hot or cold water, according to need, using
the tap that the appliance is equipped with.
The appliance has a four-position selector to start cooking
functions (see figure "Controls").
Here is a list of the procedures for a safe and correct use
of the appliance.
037 - 03 - Electric kettles 50 lt


Energising the unit:
Connect the appliance by turning on the main switch in-
stalled before it.
Start of cooking:
Turn the selector from position "0" to one of the heating
positions according to cooking requirements.
Generally cooking starts with the selector on position
"2/3"; once the vat has reached cooking temperature the
selector is turned back to "1" to maintain the cooking tem-
The heating mode of the appliance is indicated by the
green operation light.
End of cooking
Turn the selector back to "0".

Cleaning and care of the appliance

Do not use aggressive substances or abrasive detergents
when cleaning the stainless steel components.
Avoid using metal pads of the steel parts as they may
cause rust. For the same reason, avoid contact with mate-
rials containing iron.
Do not use sandpaper or abrasive paper for cleaning; in
special cases use a powder pumice stone.
In case of particularly resistant dirt, it is advisable to use
abrasive sponges (e.g. Scotch-Brite).
It is advisable to clean the appliance only once it has coo-
led down.

Daily cleaning

Warning! :
When cleaning the appliance never
use direct jets of water to prevent infiltration of the li-
quid and damage to components.
Clean the cooking vat with water and a detergent, rinse
thoroughly and dry well with a soft cloth.
External surfaces should be washed down using a spon-
ge, and hot water with a suitable proprietary cleaner ad-
Rinse always thoroughly and dry with a soft cloth.
Special procedures in case of prolon-
ged inactivity
If the appliance is to stand idle for any length of time (e.g.
holidays or seasonal closing), it must be cleaned thorou-
ghly, leaving not traces of food or dirt.
Leave the lid open so that air can circulate inside the vat.
For added care after cleaning, the external surfaces can
be protected by applying a proprietary metal polish.
Be absolutely sure to shut off all utilities (electrical power
supply and water).
Air the room appropriately.

Special procedures in case of failures

If the appliance should not work properly during use, turn
it off immediately and close or cut off all supplies (electri-
cal power supply and water).
Apply to a service centre for help.



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