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Inserting And Removing A Microp2 Card - Panasonic AJ-MPD1G Operating Instructions Manual

Memory card drive
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Inserting and Removing a microP2 Card

„ Inserting a microP2 card

• F irmly push the microP2 card straight into the
slot until it clicks into place.
• When inserting the microP2 card, insert it in the correct orientation. Inserting it
the wrong way round may damage the slot or microP2 card and result in a loss
of data.
To prevent the accidental deletion of data, set the write-protect switch of the
microP2 card to the LOCK position before you insert the card.
„ Removing a microP2 card

Push a microP2 card inserted in a slot further
into the slot until you hear a click and the
microP2 card is pushed out toward you. Then,
remove the microP2 card.
• Removing a microP2 card in any other way may cause the data to be corrupted
or a malfunction.
• To remove a microP2 card on a Macintosh, drag the microP2 card icon to the
Trash, make sure that the icon has disappeared and the access indicator on the
microP2 drive has turned off, and then physically remove the microP2 card.
• When a microP2 card is being inserted or removed, it may fly out of the slot sud-
• Do not remove a microP2 card that is being accessed. Removing a microP2 card
during access may cause the microP2 drive to malfunction. Should this happen,
reconnect the USB cable.


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