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Hitachi HILS65205 User Manual page 6

Interactive flat panel display
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• Leave a 10 cm (4 inches) (minimum) space from the wall for proper ventilation. If not, it
may cause fire.
• Keep the packing anti-moisture material or vinyl packing out of the reach of children. Anti-
moisture material is harmful if swallowed. If swallowed by mistake, force the patient to
vomit and visit the nearest hospital. Additionally, vinyl packing can cause suffocation. Keep
it out of the reach of children.
• Please note than the product must be supported on proper stands or installed according to
the manufacturer's recommendations. The product that are inappropriately situated on
unstable shelves, inclined planes, or vibrating places, etc., may fall over, resulting in injury.
• To reduce the risk of fire or electrical shock, do not expose this product to rain, moisture or
other liquids or dust. It may cause electric shock or fire.
• Keep the product away from direct sunlight.
• Keep the product of the reach of children and install on the stable and flat place. NEVER
allow children to climb on or play on the product or the furniture and stands on which the
product is placed.
• Do not allow an impact shock or any objects to fall into the product, and do not drop
anything onto the screen.
• Make sure the product is turned off, unplugged, and all cables have been removed. It may
take more than 4 people to than carry.
• Do not press or put stress on the front panel of the product.
• If the product is installed in a place where the operating conditions considerably, a serious
quality problem may occur due to the surrounding environment. In this case, install the
product only after consulting our dealer about the matter. (Places exposed to microscopic
dust, chemicals, too high or low temperature, high humidity, airports or stations where the
product is continuously used.)
1.1.3 Cleaning
• Before cleaning the product, unplug the power cord and wipe gently with a soft cloth to
prevent scratching.
• Do not spray water or other liquids directly on the product as electric shock may occur.
• Do not push, rub, or hit the surface with your fingernail or a sharp object, as this may result
in scratches on the screen and image distortions.


Table of Contents

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