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Canon BJC-55 Service Bulletin

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This bulletin has been issued to notify of the differences between the BJC-50/50v and BJC-55/BJ M40
for servicing. This has been issued as a substitute for the Service Manual, which will not be issued.
C.IWS applies to the BJC-55/BJ M40.


5.3 Direct Printing Function Of Images From Digital Cameras
Issued by Canon Europa N.V.
Date: 29.09.00



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  • Page 1: Table Of Contents

    DIFFERENCES BETWEEN BJC-50 AND BJC-55 DETAIL This bulletin has been issued to notify of the differences between the BJC-50/50v and BJC-55/BJ M40 for servicing. This has been issued as a substitute for the Service Manual, which will not be issued.
  • Page 2: Product Outline

    PRNT-896 1. PRODUCT OUTLINE The BJC-55/BJ M40 are mobile, color BJ printers targeting the personal-use market. As a successive model of the BJC-50/50v, the ease of connection has been improved, mobile printer function has been strengthened, and the following functions have been added: The high-speed IrDA (Ver.1.1) enables the printer to attain print speed comparable...
  • Page 3: Specifications

    203 mm (8 inches) Line feed pitch 136 ms/line (128" /360" line feed) Built-in print LQ mode (BJC-55 only) / BJ mode (BJ M40 only) / Native mode / control mode BJL command Detection functions Presence of paper: Available Presence of BJ cartridge: Available...
  • Page 4: Number Of Pages Printable Of The Cartridges

    COMP. SYSTEMS - 4 - PRNT-896 4-2. Number of Pages Printable of the Cartridges Black BJ Cartridge BC-10 : Approx. 270 pages (JAIDA J1 Pattern: Japanese measurement pattern for pages printable) (1500 character pattern: Overseas measurement pattern for pages printable) Color BJ Cartridge BC-11e : Bk: Approx.
  • Page 5: Interface Specifications

    COMP. SYSTEMS - 5 - PRNT-896 2) The installed cartridge is unknown. 3) The possibility of ink-low error is displayed only by printer LED. (The information is not displayed on the host computer.) 4) The print job cannot be canceled from the host computer when an error has occurred. After the cause of the error is resolved, the printer can be recovered by pressing the RESUME button on the printer's operation panel.
  • Page 6 COMP. SYSTEMS - 6 - PRNT-896 Light interception Wavelength: 0.85 to 0.90 µm Intensity: 4µ W/cm to 500m W/cm 10µ W/cm to 500m W/cm (when the communication speed is more than 0.576 MHz.) Light angle: Approx. ±15 (along optical axis) Transfer speed 9600/19200/38400/57600/115.2k/576k/1.152M/4M bps Communication...
  • Page 7: Photo Bj Cartridge Specifications

    COMP. SYSTEMS - 7 - PRNT-896 4-5. Photo BJ Cartridge Specifications Photo cartridge BC-12e BJ cartridge BC-12e: Replaceable color BJ cartridge (drop modulation adopted) Ink cartridge BCI-12Bk: Black (64 nozzles) Ink cartridge BCI-12Color: Yellow, Magenta, Cyan (24 nozzles x 3) Weight Approx.
  • Page 8: Operation

    10 times Table 5 11 times Table 6 12 times BJC-55 only BJC-55 <Points of difference from the BJC-50> 1) No BJ mode setting 2) Addition of setting to enable/disable the ink low warning. 3) Addition of euro font setting (Code Page 858).
  • Page 9 COMP. SYSTEMS - 9 - PRNT-896 BJ M40 <Difference from the BJC-50v> 1) No setting regarding the LQ mode 2) The setting to enable/disable the ink low warning is added. Table 1 Table 2 Operation mode change Print mode Automatic power off Enable Enable Smoothing...
  • Page 10: Ink Low Warning Reset By Button Operation

    COMP. SYSTEMS - 10 - PRNT-896 5-2. Ink Low Warning Reset By Button Operation Ink low warning This printer detects the remaining ink level by counting the number of ejected ink dots in the same way as the BJC-50/50v. When the setting of the ink low warning is enabled, and the remaining ink gets low, the beeper sounds twice, and the ERROR INDICATOR blinks.
  • Page 11 COMP. SYSTEMS - 11 - PRNT-896 5-3. DIRECT PRINTING FUNCTION OF THE IMAGE FROM DIGITAL CAMERAS (BJ M40 only) <Difference from the BJC-50/50v> The new adoption of IrTranP has enabled the printing of data sent directly from digital cameras compliant to IrTranP standards, not through the host computer, but via IrDA communication.
  • Page 12: Flash Rom Writing Operation

    PRNT-896 5-4. Flash ROM Writing Operation <Difference from the BJC-50/BJC-50v> As the BJC-55/BJ M40 does not have a parallel interface, the firmware of the Flash ROM is written using the "USB Loader." 5-4-1. Writing method a) Download the USB Loader to the host computer.
  • Page 13 COMP. SYSTEMS - 13 - PRNT-896 (3) Click "Open" to open the "Open" dialog box. Select the file downloaded in the procedure (1). Be sure to select the file from the "Open" dialog box. If the file name is input directly in the "File Name"...
  • Page 14: 2Writing Error

    The USB port for the writing mode is assigned in the ROM writing mode of BJC-55/BJ M40. The ports which are enabled by the USB Loader are from 1 to 99. Note that only the USB ports assigned for writing mode from...
  • Page 15: Technical Reference

    HCONT signal, and HDIS signal) are common with the power resource "Vcc1" for the Logic Board IC of the BJC-50/50v. The Vcc4 power resource circuit has newly been added as a 5V power resource of the BJC-55/BJ M40 for the signal lines for obtaining head information.
  • Page 16: Special Tools

    COMP. SYSTEMS - 16 - PRNT-896 7. SPECIAL TOOLS If spur marks are left on the print images, the spurs can be cleaned by using the spur cleaner. The spur cleaner is reusable until it loses its' effectiveness. Special tool (part number) Remarks Spur cleaner (QY9-0055-000) For cleaning spurs...
  • Page 17: Parts List

    QG5-1537 Head Cover QB1-4700 QB1-4701 Instruction Film QB1-4763 QB1-4762 Upper Case QB1-4696 QB1-4697 Control PCB Ass'y QG2-3208 QG2-3209 Flash ROM QH8-0893 QH8-0894 Other parts are common with the BJC-55/BJ M40. For details, refer to the BJC-55/BJ M40 Parts Catalog (QY8-31AT-010).
  • Page 18: Circuit Diagram

    COMP. SYSTEMS - 18 - PRNT-896 9. CIRCUIT DIAGRAM Control Board (Common to BJC-55/BJ M40)
  • Page 19 COMP. SYSTEMS - 19 - PRNT-896...
  • Page 20 COMP. SYSTEMS - 20 - PRNT-896...
  • Page 21 COMP. SYSTEMS - 21 - PRNT-896...
  • Page 22 COMP. SYSTEMS - 22 - PRNT-896...