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Care And Cleaning; Necesita Ayuda; Need Help - Black & Decker G49TD Use And Care Book Manual

Black & decker 3-in-1 wafflemaker, grill & griddle user manual
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Easy Grilled Reuben
slices rye bread
tablespoons Thousand Island
salad dressing
2-3 slices Swiss cheese
1. Preheat flat sides of grids on high. Spread outside of one slice of bread with butter
or margarine and place the greased side down onto the grid.
2. Spread salad dressing over bread, cover with cheese, sauerkraut, and corned beef.
3. Spread outside of second slice of bread with butter or margarine and top the sandwich
with greased side up.
4. Close unit and cook 2-4 minutes or until bread is toasted and cheese is melted.
Makes: 1 Sandwich

Care and Cleaning

This product contains no user serviceable parts. Refer service to qualified service
1. Unplug and allow the unit to cool completely before cleaning. Do not immerse the unit
nor run water directly onto the cooking surfaces.
2. Unclip the Grids and wash them in hot, soapy water. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Do not
place them in a dishwasher. Do not use steel wool pads or other abrasive cleaners on
the cooking surfaces as they may damage the non-stick coating. To remove cooked-on
food, use a plastic bristle brush or nylon mesh pad. Be sure to clean the handles after
each use.
3. Clean the outside surfaces by wiping with a damp sponge or cloth. Dry thoroughly with
a soft cloth. Do not use harsh or abrasive cleaners. Never spray or apply cleaners
directly to the unit; instead, apply the cleaner to a cloth and rub on. Rubbing a soft dry
cloth or paper towel over the chrome surface after cleaning will restore the shine.
Cleaning the outside surfaces after each use will prevent grease from burning onto the
chrome and discoloring it.
tablespoons drained sauerkraut
2-3 slices corned beef
softened butter or margarine
Para servicio, reparaciones o preguntas relacionadas al producto, por favor llame
al número del centro de servicio en el país donde usted compró su producto.
NO devuelva el producto al fabricante. Llame o lleve el producto a un centro de
servicio autorizado.
(No aplica en México, Estados Unidos o Canadá)
¿Qué cubre la garantía?
• La garantía cubre cualquier defecto de materiales o de mano de obra. Applica
no se responsabiliza por ningún costo que exceda el valor de compra del
¿Por cuánto tiempo es válida la garantía?
• Por dos años a partir de la fecha original de compra.
¿Cómo se puede obtener servicio?
• Conserve el recibo original de compra.
• Por favor llame al número del centro de servicio autorizado.
Esta garantía no cubre:
• Los productos que han sido utilizados en condiciones distintas a las normales
• Los daños ocasionados por el mal uso, el abuso o negligencia.
• Los productos que han sido alterados de alguna manera
• Los daños ocasionados por el uso comercial del producto
• Los productos utilizados o reparados fuera del país original de compra
• Las piezas de vidrio y demás accesorios empacados con el aparato
• Los gastos de tramitación y embarque asociados al reemplazo del producto
• Los daños y perjuicios indirectos o incidentales


For service, repair or any questions regarding your appliance, call the appropriate
"800" number on the cover of this book. Do not return the product to the place of
Do not mail the product back to the manufacturer nor bring it to a service center.
You may also want to consult the website listed on the cover of this manual.
One-Year Limited Warranty
(Applies only in the United States and Canada)
What does it cover?
• Any defect in material or workmanship; provided; however, Applica's liability
will not exceed the purchase price of the product.
For how long?
• One year after the date of original purchase.
What will we do to help you?
• Provide you with a reasonably similar replacement product that is either
new or factory refurbished.
How do you get service?
• Save your receipt as proof of the date of sale.
• Check our on-line service site at, or call our
toll-free number, 1-800-231-9786, for general warranty service.
• If you need parts or accessories, please call 1-800-738-0245.



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