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Toshiba FT-8981 Owner's Manual

900mhz cordless telephone digital answering system
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Table of Contents

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  • Page 2 GETTING STARTED: DO THIS FIRST! FIRST, CHARGE THE HANDSET BATTERY! • Set your new phone in an out-of-the-way place near a power outlet where it will not be disturbed. • Plug the AC adaptor into the wall outlet. • Plug the AC adaptor cord into the power jack on the base unit.
  • Page 3: Introduction

    Toshiba America Consumer Products, Inc., takes pride in presenting the new 900 MHz cordless telephone and digital answering system. The Toshiba cordless telephone features a 16-digit x 3-line dot matrix liquid crystal display (LCD) for caller ID on Call Waiting and speed dial programming and calling.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS Preparation INTRODUCTION ......... .3 Features .
  • Page 5 Caller ID/Call waiting CALLER ID/CALL WAITING ....... . .26 Answering a call with caller ID service ..... . .26 Searching caller ID memory .
  • Page 6: Important Safety Instructions

    IMPORTANT SAFETY INSTRUCTIONS When using your telephone equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed to reduce the risk of fire, electric shock and injury. 1 Read and understand all instructions. 2 Follow all warnings and instructions marked on the product. 3 Unplug this product from the wall outlet before cleaning.
  • Page 7: Save These Instructions

    The RBRC Seal The RBRC (contained in our product) indicates that Toshiba America Consumer Products, Inc. (TACP) is voluntarily participating in an industry program to collect and recycle these batteries at the end of their useful lives, when taken out of service within the United States. The RBRC program provides a convenient alternative to placing used nickel- cadmium batteries into the trash or municipal waste, which is illegal in some areas.
  • Page 8: Location Of Controls

    LOCATION OF CONTROLS HANDSET Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) REDIAL ( ) button (Left arrow button) (page 18) TALK button (page 17) button (page 29) L.D./1 TONE/ (TONE) button (page 14, 19) (Memory) button (page 20) button (page 19) PAUSE Charging contacts SUPPLIED ACCESSORIES: Modular Line Cord Part # RC008231...
  • Page 9: Base Unit

    CHARGE LED MENU button (page 32 to 36) button (page 32 to 36) For purchase of accessories, please call 1-877-644-7373. Rechargeable Battery Pack Toshiba TRB-8000 Part # RC004931 LOCATION OF CONTROLS SKIP FF (page 32 to 38) TIME PLAY/STOP REW REPEAT...
  • Page 10: Installation

    INSTALLATION SETTING UP THE BASE UNIT (DESK TOP MOUNTING) For setting up the base unit follow the instructions below. Raise the anntenna to vertical position. Fasten the AC adaptor cord to prevent it from being disconnected. • Plug the AC adaptor firmly into the base unit and the AC 120V outlet. •...
  • Page 11: Setting Up The Base Unit (Wall Mounting)

    SETTING UP THE BASE UNIT (WALL MOUNTING) MOUNTING ON A STANDARD WALL PLATE: Insert the bracket’s tabs into the notches on the base. Raise the antenna. Flip the hook tab over so the tab holds the handset. • Route the cords through the guides. •...
  • Page 12: Charging The Battery Pack

    INSTALLATION CHARGING THE BATTERY PACK It is important to charge the battery for 12 to 16 hours continuously without any interruption before you use the handset for the first time. CHARGE Charging contacts Remove the battery cover on the back of the handset by sliding it Black down.
  • Page 13 NOTES: • Use only the supplied battery pack (TRB-8000 power source 600mAh, 3.6VDC) • The battery pack is not charged properly if the charging contacts are dirty or tarnished. Clean the contacts occasionally with a dry cloth. After the battery pack is fully charged; Operation While in use (Talk mode) While not in use (Standby mode)
  • Page 14: Setting The Dial Mode

    INSTALLATION Before using the Handset, make sure to read the following instructions TONE/ SETTING THE DIAL MODE Depending on your dialing system, set the mode as follows: Press and hold FLASH To set the dial mode for pulse dialing, press .
  • Page 15: Setting Or Canceling The Auto Talk Function

    SETTING OR CANCELING THE AUTO TALK FUNCTION If the handset is placed on the base unit, you can answer a call by lifting the handset from the base unit (Auto Talk). If the handset is not on the base unit, you can answer a call by pressing any one of the buttons (Any-key Answer function).
  • Page 16: Setting The Area Code

    INSTALLATION SETTING THE AREA CODE It is necessary to program your area code so that local calls will be displayed properly on caller ID. Press FUNC Press to move the pointer to Area Code. Press SELECT Enter a 3-digit area code. For example, enter “615.”...
  • Page 17: Basic Operation

    Before using the Handset, make sure to read the following instructions. REDIAL TALK TONE/ MAKING A CALL Handset On The Base 1) Pick up the handset. 2) Press TALK 3) Listen for the dial tone. 4) Dial the number. 1) Pick up the handset. 2) Dial the number, then press TALK To hang up: Press...
  • Page 18: Redial

    BASIC OPERATION REDIAL Handset On The Base 1) Pick up the handset and press 2) Listen for the dial tone. 3) Press REDIAL OUT OF RANGE During a call, as you begin to move too far from the base unit, the noise increases.
  • Page 19: Base Speaker Volume Setting

    BASE SPEAKER VOLUME SETTING To adjust the base unit speaker volume, press TONE/PAUSE To temporarily switch to tone dial (When the base is set to pulse mode), see page 14. To enter a pause within the dialing sequence INTERFERENCE OR STATIC If you hear noise during a call, press select another channel.
  • Page 20: Memory Dialing

    MEMORY DIALING You can store up to 10 telephone numbers and their associated names in the memory. NOTES: • Always press a button within 20 seconds or the phone will return to standby. • If you press a wrong button, an error tone sounds and the handset returns to standby mode.
  • Page 21 Press SELECT To enter a name, use the number keys. • See the steps for storing names and special characters. (see page 22) • If a name is not required, go to step 5. Press SELECT Enter a telephone number to be stored. NOTES: •...
  • Page 22: Steps For Entering Names And Special Characters

    MEMORY DIALING STEPS FOR ENTERING NAMES AND SPECIAL CHARACTERS Refer to the letters on the number buttons to select the desired letter. Each button selects a character as shown as below. Keys OPER For example, to enter “ Pick up the handset and press and hold Enter a number or press location number.
  • Page 23: If You Make A Mistake While Entering A Name

    When finished, press Press stored. Press SELECT IF YOU MAKE A MISTAKE WHILE ENTERING A NAME to move the cursor to the incorrect character press to erase the wrong entry, then enter the correct characer. To DELETE delete all characters, press and hold DIALING A STORED NUMBER Pick up the handset and press Press...
  • Page 24: Editing And Deleting Stored Numbers

    MEMORY DIALING EDITING AND DELETING STORED NUMBERS You can delete a number or simply store another one in its place. When you store a new phone number, the data stored in that memory location is deleted automatically. Pick up the handset and press and hold The confirmation tone sounds.
  • Page 25 DELETING THE STORED DATA (1) Press to move the pointer to select (2) Press SELECT DELETE is selected: A confirmation tone sounds and the number is erased. is selected: The LCD returns to the “ ” display. (3) Press , or return the handset to the base unit. MEMORY DIALING...
  • Page 26: Caller Id/Call Waiting

    CALLER ID/CALL WAITING • Before you can take advantage of the Caller ID and Call Waiting features, you must subscribe to these services from your local telephone company. • Name and number caller ID only work in conjunction with service provided by your local telephone company.
  • Page 27 "Caller ID" and "Call waiting" are separate services. CIDCW (Caller ID on Call Waiting) performs the same as regular Caller ID on a call waiting number. You must subscribe to the "Caller ID on call waiting (CID CW) services" before you can use the following features. The "Call waiting"...
  • Page 28: Searching Caller Id Memory

    CALLER ID/CALL WAITING SEARCHING CALLER ID MEMORY To review who has called, follow the steps below. The caller ID memory retains a listing of the 20 most recent callers. Pick up the handset and press If new caller ID data does not exist: If there is new caller ID data: Press to display the latest incoming call.
  • Page 29: Editing Caller Id Data

    EDITING CALLER ID DATA You can edit the Caller ID data. Pick up the handset and press repeatedly to display the Caller ID data you want to edit. Press for a long distance call prefix “1” and L.D./1 for area code setting and cancellation. L.D./1 NOTE: LOCAL/3...
  • Page 30: Deleting Caller Id Data

    CALLER ID/CALL WAITING Press . A confirmation tone sounds and the Caller ID data SELECT is stored. Press If you select a memory location which is already stored: Press to select A confirmation tone sounds and the new data overwrites the old data. The LCD returns to the Caller ID display screen.
  • Page 31: Call Waiting

    DELETE ALL CALLER ID DATA: Press Press DELETE Press to select Press SELECT DELETE If you select , a confirmation tone sounds and the LCD displays “ If you select , the LCD displays the number of Caller ID calls. Press to return to the standby mode.
  • Page 32: Using The Menu Mode

    USING THE MENU MODE Menu mode allows you to set the following Answering System functions. Following MENU MODE instructions assume that every setting starts from standby mode. MENU REW REPEAT SELECT LED display DELETE GREETING Menu No. Function Menu1 Menu2 Menu3 Menu4 Menu5...
  • Page 33: Recording The Greeting Message

    RECORDING THE GREETING MESSAGE You can record a personalized greeting message (up to 30 seconds) or use the pre-recorded message. When a call is received, the answering machine answers the call and plays the greeting message. Press once. MENU You hear the pre-recorded message or current greeting message.
  • Page 34: Setting The Clook

    USING THE MENU MODE SETTING THE CLOCK During play back, the answering machine announces the day and time that each message was recorded. Press twice. MENU The system announces the current time. Press You hear the current day and the LED display shows the numbers [ ] through [ Press...
  • Page 35: Setting The Security Code (Pin)

    SETTING THE SECURITY CODE (PIN) To access your answering machine when you are away from home, you need to identify yourself with a security code or Personal Identification Number (PIN). You can select any two digit number between 00 and 99 as your security code (PIN). Press three times.
  • Page 36: Setting The Number Of Rings

    USING MENU MODE SETTING THE NUMBER OF RINGS Select one of four ring time setting ( : Toll Saver). Press five times. MENU The current ring time is displayed on the LED display. Press to change the ring time. Press SELECT appears ( : 2rings,...
  • Page 37: Using The Answering Machine

    USING THE ANSWERING MACHINE REW REPEAT LED display TURNING THE ANSWERING MACHINE ON & OFF Press to turn the answering machine on. The ANSWER LED ANSWER will light, and the number of messages appears on the LED display. The greeting message will be played and you hear a long beep. To turn the answering machine off, press off.
  • Page 38: Checking Clock Setting

    USING THE ANSWERING MACHINE CHECKING CLOCK SETTING You can check the time (day, hour, minute, AM, and PM) by using the Time stamp. To check the time, press PLAYING RECORDED MESSAGES The display shows the total number of recorded messages. If new messages have been recorded, the number blinks.
  • Page 39: Deleting Recorded Messages

    USING THE ANSWERING MACHINE DELETING RECORDED MESSAGES To delete all messages: Press and hold DELETE messages. If there are messages that you have not listened to, an error tone sounds and the messages will not be deleted. To delete individual messages: While playing back the message you want to delete, press The message is deleted and the next message will be played.
  • Page 40: Leaving A Memo Message

    USING THE ANSWERING MACHINE LEAVING A MEMO MESSAGE You can use the base unit to record a memo (up to 10 minutes), as a reminder to yourself or as a message for someone else in the household. A memo is stored and played back like any other incoming message, and the LED display will blink to indicate that a message has been received.
  • Page 41: Calling In From A Remote Location

    USING THE ANSWERING MACHINE CALLING IN FROM A REMOTE LOCATION You can retrieve messages or change answering machine settings by calling your phone from a touch-tone phone. Even if the answering machine has been left off, you can still access it by turning it on first. IF THE ANSWERING MACHINE IS OFF: Let the phone ring at least 10 times.
  • Page 42: Table Of Commands

    USING THE ANSWERING MACHINE TABLE OF COMMANDS OPERATION To repeat an incoming message; (during playback) To playback an incoming message (up to 4 minutes) To skip to the next message (during playback) To delete individual messages (during playback) To stop operation To turn the answering system on To record a memo message (up to 4 minutes)
  • Page 43: Troubleshooting

    Should any problem occur with the unit, use the following simple tests to determine whether or not servicing is required. PROBLEM The handset battery • The charging contacts of the handset and base are not clean. pack does not charge. •...
  • Page 44 TROUBLESHOOTING PROBLEM • The charging contacts of the handset and the base are not CHARGE LED will not light when the handset is placed on the base. • The AC adaptor of the base unit is disconnected. • The handset is not on the base. Noise or interference.
  • Page 45 PROBLEM The answering • The recording capacity is full. → Delete some or all of the recorded messages. machine does not answer the call. Answering machine • No message is recorded. → This is normal. does not play. The messages are not •...
  • Page 46: Warranty/Service

    If the unit is still in warranty, the remainder of the warranty period will also be null and void. It is the responsibility of users requiring service to report the need for service to the Toshiba dealer.
  • Page 47 TELEPHONE/TELEPHONE ANSWER MACHINE LIMITED WARRANTY Toshiba America Consumer Products.Inc(“TACP”) and Toshiba Hawaii,Inc.(“THI”) make the following limited warranties. These limited warranties extend to the original consumer purchaser or any person receiving this set as a gift from the original consumer purchaser and to no other purchaser or transferee.
  • Page 48: Remote Operation Cards

    (# and number) by pressing the keypad. To playback incoming and memo messages, press #2. To skip, press #3 OPERACIONES POR CONTROL REMOTO FT-8981 Llame a su teléfono desde un teléfono de teclado. Después que su teléfono conteste, introduzca # y el código de seguridad (PIN) presionando cada dígito durante 1 segundo como...
  • Page 49: Remote Operation Cards

  • Page 50 We suggest you record the following information and retain for your records along with your bill of sale or equipment document. Model no.__________________ Serial no.______________ Purchase date______________ Dealer_________________ Dealer address _____________________________________ © 2001 TOSHIBA AMERICA CONSUMER PRODUCTS, INC. UCZZ01316BZ RC009795 Printed in China...

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