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Storing Food; Detaching/Assembling The Storage Bins - LG LS65SXP Owner's Manual

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Storing Frozen Food
Check a freezer guide or a reliable cookbook for
further information about preparing food for freezing
or food storage times.
Your freezer will not quick-freeze a large quantity of
food. Do not put more unfrozen food into the freezer
than will freeze within 24 hours (no more than 2 to
3 pounds of food per cubic foot of freezer space).
Leave enough space in the freezer for air to circulate
around packages. Be careful to leave enough room
at the front so the door can close tightly.
Storage times will vary according to the quality and
type of food, the type of packaging or wrap used
(how airtight and moisture-proof) and the storage
temperature. Ice crystals inside a sealed package are
normal. This simply means that moisture in the food
and air inside the package have condensed, creating
ice crystals.
• Allow hot foods to cool at room temperature for 30
minutes, and then package and freeze. Cooling hot
foods before freezing saves energy.
Successful freezing depends on correct packaging.
When you close and seal the package, it must not
allow air or moisture in or out. If it does, you could
have food odor and taste transfer throughout the
refrigerator and could also dry out frozen food.
Packaging recommendations
• Straight-sided canning/freezing jars
• Heavy-duty aluminum foil
• Plastic-coated paper
• Non-permeable plastic wraps
Follow package or container instructions for proper
freezing methods.
Do not use
• Bread wrappers
• Non-polyethylene plastic containers
• Containers without tight lids
• Wax paper or wax-coated freezer wrap
• Thin, semi-permeable wrap
Detaching/Assembling the
Storage Bins
Fresh Zone Drawer
The Fresh Zone drawers provide storage for fruit and
• When removing or installing the lower Fresh Zone
drawer, lift the cover to help remove or insert the
To remove the Fresh Zone drawers, pull out the
drawer to full extension (1), lift the front up (2),
and pull straight out.
To install, slightly tilt up the front, insert the drawer
into the frame and push it back into place.
• Use both hands to assemble and disassemble
the Fresh Zone. The compartment is heavy when
• Open the refrigerator door fully when
disassembling or reassembling the Fresh Zone.
• You will see the water tank while removing the
Fresh Zone drawer. Do not remove the water
tank or water leakage may occur. The water tank
is not a removable part.

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