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    TomTom GO...

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    What’s in the box What’s in the box TomTom GO Windshield Mount Adhesive disk for Windshield Mount Home Dock A On/Off button B Microphone C Light sensor D Speaker E Memory card (micro SD card) slot USB car charger Documentation pack...

  • Page 3: Before You Start, Switching On And Off, Device Not Starting, Battery Notes, Windshield Mount

    To set up your device you need to answer a few questions by tapping the screen. Device not starting In rare cases, your TomTom GO navigation device may not start correctly or may stop responding to your taps. First, check that the battery is properly charged. To charge the battery, connect your device to the car charger.

  • Page 4: Gps Reception, Take Care Of Your Device

    Home Dock The home dock is used for charging your TomTom GO when it is not in the car and for connecting your GO to your computer. When connected to your computer, you can use TomTom HOME to manage your GO.

  • Page 5: Installing The Windshield Mount

    You can attach the Windshield Mount to the windshield, side window or use a Dashboard Mount Disk to attach the Windshield Mount to your dashboard. TomTom also offers alternative mounting solutions for your TomTom device. For more information about Dashboard Mount Disks and alternative mounting solutions, go to

  • Page 6: Safety Preferences

    The safety preferences include, for example, the following options: • Hide most menu options when driving • Show safety reminders • Warn when driving faster than allowed You can also drive more safely by using voice commands to control your TomTom GO.

  • Page 7: Making Your First Journey

    Making your first journey Planning a route with your TomTom GO navigation device is easy. To plan a Making your first journey route, follow the steps below. Important: For safety reasons, you should always plan a route before you start your journey.

  • Page 8

    • Cross street or intersection - tap this button to set your destination as the point where two streets meet. • Spoken address - tap this button to set your destination by saying the address to your navigation device. In this example, we will enter an exact address. 4.

  • Page 9: Arrival Times

    Arrival times When you plan a route, your TomTom GO asks you if you need to arrive at a particular time. Tap YES to enter a preferred arrival time.

  • Page 10

    Tap this button to enter a destination using latitude and longitude values. Latitude Longitude Tap this button to navigate to the last known position of a TomTom Buddy. Don’t forget that the Buddy may move before you reach him. TomTom...

  • Page 11: Planning A Route In Advance

    You can also compare trip times for the same route at different times of the day or on different days of the week. Your TomTom GO uses IQ Routes when planning a route. IQ Routes calculates routes based on the real average speeds measured on roads.

  • Page 12

    7. Your TomTom GO plans the route between the two locations you selected. More information about a route You can access these options for the route you last planned by tapping View route in the Main Menu or the Details button on the route summary screen.

  • Page 13: Voice Recognition

    Voice recognition Instead of tapping the screen to control your TomTom GO, you can now give Voice recognition instructions to your GO using your voice. For example, to increase the volume on your GO, you can say, "Increase volume." Important: To use voice recognition, you must have a computer voice installed on your TomTom GO.

  • Page 14: Planning A Trip Using Your Voice

    For some phrases, your GO will always repeat the command and then ask you if the command has been correctly recognized. 3. If the command is correct, say, "Yes." If the command is incorrect, say, "No" and when prompted, say the command again after the beep .

  • Page 15

    You can now enter an address using speech. Alternatively, you can tap the screen to start planning a trip, then tap Spoken address (dialog) or Spoken address to start entering an address by voice. 3. Say the city name. When you say the city name, you are then shown a list of six names that match what you said.

  • Page 16

    Numbers should be pronounced normally. For example, you would say the number 357 as one continuous sentence, "Three hundred and fifty seven." If the number is shown incorrectly, say, "Back" or "No" or tap the Backspace key. Then say the number again. Tip: If you say, "Back"...

  • Page 17

    You can use speech to enter destinations wherever you see this button. You can use speech to enter these types of destination: • City center - to say the center of a city or town, tap the speech button at the bottom of the keyboard.

  • Page 18: Driving View

    Driving View When your TomTom GO starts, you are shown the Driving View along with Driving View detailed information about your current location. Tap the center of the screen at any time to open the Main Menu. Note: The Driving View is shown in black and white until your GO locates your current position.

  • Page 19: Advanced Lane Guidance

    Advanced Lane Guidance Advanced Lane Guidance Advanced Lane Guidance Your TomTom GO helps you prepare for highway exits and intersections by showing you which lane you should be in. Note: This information is not available for all intersections or in all countries.

  • Page 20: Finding Alternative Routes

    Finding alternative routes Once you have planned a route, you may want to change something about the Finding alternative routes route, without changing your destination. Why change the route? Maybe for one of these reasons: • You can see a roadblock or a line of traffic ahead. •...

  • Page 21

    Tap this button to recalculate your route so that it avoids traffic problems as much as possible. Your GO will check if there are any traffic problems on your route and work out the best route to avoid the problems. Minimize delays Note: This button is only available with TomTom Traffic enabled.

  • Page 22: Browse Map

    Browse map To look at the map in the same way as you might look at a traditional paper Browse map map, tap Browse map in the Main Menu. You can move the map by touching the screen and moving your finger across the screen.

  • Page 23

    • Images • Names • Coordinates...

  • Page 24: Map Corrections

    TomTom Map Share With TomTom Map Share, you can correct errors on your map and share TomTom Map Share those corrections with other people in the TomTom Map Share community as well as receive corrections made by others. If you find a street that has recently been blocked to traffic but was open before, you can use Map Share to correct your map and then share the correction with other Map Share members.

  • Page 25

    6. Enter correction or confirmation of correction now. Receiving the latest map updates When you connect your TomTom GO to your computer, TomTom HOME automatically downloads any available map corrections and sends any changes you have made, to the Map Share community.

  • Page 26

    To report the change, tap the Report button and your GO will save your current location. You can then send the correction to TomTom Map Share when you have finished your trip.

  • Page 27: Types Of Map Correction

    • Trusted sources - accept changes made by TomTom and by trusted users who have been verified by TomTom. • Many users - accept changes made by TomTom, by trusted users who have been verified by TomTom and changes made by a high number of Map Share community members.

  • Page 28

    5. Tap one of the direction buttons to block or unblock the flow of traffic in that direction. 6. Tap Done. The next time you connect your device to TomTom HOME, your corrections are shared with the TomTom Map Share community. Tap this button to correct the traffic direction of a one-way street, where the direction of traffic is different to the direction shown on your map.

  • Page 29

    Tap this button to change the name of a street on your map. For example, to rename a street near to your current location: Edit street 1. Tap Edit street name. name 2. Tap Near you. 3. Select the street or section of a street you want to correct by tapping it on the map.

  • Page 30

    • Move the POI on the map. Tap this button to report other types of corrections. These corrections are not immediately applied to your map. Your TomTom GO sends a special report to TomTom Map Share. Report other error You can report missing streets, errors in motorway entrances and exits and missing roundabouts.

  • Page 31: Sounds And Voices, Changing The Volume Level

    Sounds and voices Your TomTom GO plays the following kinds of sounds: Sounds and voices • Spoken instructions • Hands-free calls • Warnings • Music Changing the volume level You can change the volume in three ways: • Tap the bottom left hand area of the Driving View. The last spoken instruction is repeated and the volume level is shown.

  • Page 32: Selecting A Voice

    3. Tap Speech preferences then select the information that your selected computer voice should read aloud. Internal and external speakers Your TomTom GO contains a high quality speaker. This is used to play all the sounds on your GO unless you select to play some sounds through external speakers.

  • Page 33

    • An external Bluetooth® Hi-Fi headset or speakers • Using an audio cable. • Music • The speaker inside your GO • An external Bluetooth® Hi-Fi headset or speakers • Using an audio cable. • Phone calls • The speaker inside your GO Note: If you wish to use an audio cable, a Windshield Mount with an audio connector is available as an accessory.

  • Page 34

    Tap Change preferences in the Main Menu. Hidden buttons and features When you first start using your TomTom GO, all the buttons are shown in the menu. The buttons for the more advanced features can be hidden. This is a useful option because you are unlikely to use certain features very often.

  • Page 35

    If you select one or more of the warnings, you will also be asked to select a sound to be played whenever a warning is displayed. Select whether or not your TomTom GO should warn you about which side of the road you should be driving on.

  • Page 36: Voice Preferences

    • Record voice - tap this button to record your own voice for use by your TomTom. The procedure takes about fifteen minutes, during which time you will say all the commands that are used by your TomTom GO. In the Preferences menu, tap Voice preferences, then tap Record voice and follow the instructions for recording your voice.

  • Page 37: Volume Preferences, Manage Favorites, Change Home Location

    Volume preferences Tap this button to change the volume. This setting does not change the volume of the radio, CDs, or music played from an iPod® or USB storage device. Volume preferences Can my GO change the volume depending on how noisy it is in the car? Select Link volume to noise level and your GO will change the volume according to the background noise.

  • Page 38: Manage Maps, Manage Pois

    • Download free map corrections - tap this button to download map Manage maps corrections provided as part of the Map Share service. Use TomTom HOME to make backups, download, add and delete maps from your navigation device. Manage POIs This button may only be available if all menu options are shown.

  • Page 39: Change Car Symbol, Change Map Colors

    This button may only be available if all menu options are shown. To show all menu options, tap Show ALL menu options in the Preferences menu. Tap this button to select the color schemes for day and night map colors. You can also download more color schemes from TomTom Services. Change map colors...

  • Page 40: Brightness Preferences

    Brightness preferences This button may only be available if all menu options are shown. To show all menu options, tap Show ALL menu options in the Preferences menu. Tap this button to set the brightness of the screen. Move the sliders to set the brightness separately for day map colors and for night map colors.

  • Page 41: Status Bar Preferences, Automatic Zooming

    Status bar preferences This button may only be available if all menu options are shown. To show all menu options, tap Show ALL menu options in the Preferences menu. Tap this button to select the information shown on the status bar: •...

  • Page 42: Quick Menu Preferences, Guided Tours

    Important: To use voice recognition, a computer voice must be installed preferences on your GO. You can use TomTom HOME to install computer voices if they are not already installed. • Disable Voice Control - Tap this button to enable or disable voice recognition.

  • Page 43: Street Name Preferences, Set Units

    Street name preferences This button may only be available if all menu options are shown. To show all menu options, tap Show ALL menu options in the Preferences menu. Tap this button to set the information that is shown on the map in the Driving View.

  • Page 44: Keyboard Preferences, Planning Preferences

    Keyboard preferences You use the keyboard to enter your destination or to find an item in a list, such as a POI. Tap this button to select the size of the keys on the keyboard and the Keyboard keyboard layout. You can select from two sizes: preferences •...

  • Page 45: Speaker Preferences

    Select whether or not you want your TomTom GO to replan your route when a faster route is found while you drive. This might occur due to changes in the traffic situation. Set owner This button may only be available if all menu options are shown. To show all menu options, tap Show ALL menu options in the Preferences menu.

  • Page 46: Music Preferences

    • Show the Main Menu - your GO starts with the Main Menu. • Start TomTom Jukebox - your GO starts by opening the TomTom Jukebox. • Start Slideshow - your GO starts by showing a slideshow of the images stored there.

  • Page 47: Bluetooth Preferences, Flight Mode

    Show ALL menu options in the Preferences menu. Tap this button to log in to your TomTom account. If you have more than one TomTom account or if several people are sharing the same TomTom GO, you can switch to another TomTom account.

  • Page 48: Change Language, Set Clock

    Battery saving preferences This button may only be available if all menu options are shown. To show all menu options, tap Show ALL menu options in the Preferences menu. Tap this button to configure your GO to conserve power when possible. The following options are available: •...

  • Page 49: Reset Factory Settings

    This button may only be available if all menu options are shown. To show all menu options, tap Show ALL menu options in the Preferences menu. Tap this button to restore the factory settings to your TomTom GO. All your settings, including Favorites, your Home location, warnings for POIs and any Itineraries you have created are deleted.

  • Page 50: Points Of Interest, Creating Pois

    Points of Interest Points of Interest or POIs are useful places on the map. Here are some Points of Interest examples: • Restaurants • Hotels • Museums • Parking garages • Gas stations Note: You can report missing POIs or edit existing POIs using Map Share and share your corrections with the Map Share community.

  • Page 51

    8. Select the POI category in which you want to add the POI. 9. Select the location of your POI from the list below. Tap this button to use TomTom Local Search with Google search to help you find shops and businesses in and around your current location.

  • Page 52

    Tap this button to make a POI of the current position of a TomTom Buddy. TomTom Buddy Tap this button to select your last recorded position as your destination. This may be useful if your GO is unable to maintain a strong GPS signal, for example, when you drive through a long tunnel.

  • Page 53

    The POIs you have selected are shown as symbols on the map. Calling a POI Your TomTom GO knows the phone numbers for many POIs. You can, for example, call a restaurant to book a table. 1. In the Main Menu, tap Mobile phone.

  • Page 54: Managing Pois

    How can I set warnings for POIs? 1. Tap the screen to bring up the main menu. 2. Tap Change preferences. 3. Tap Manage POIs. Note: The Manage POIs button is only available when all menu buttons are shown. To show all menu buttons, tap Show ALL menu options in the Preferences menu.

  • Page 55

    For example, you could create a category of POIs called ‘Favorite restaurants’. With each POI, save their phone number so that you can call them to reserve a table. Note: You can report missing POIs or edit existing POIs using Map Share and share your corrections with the Map Share community.

  • Page 56: Itinerary Planning, Creating An Itinerary

    Itinerary Planning Itinerary Planning What is an Itinerary? An Itinerary is a plan for a trip including more locations than your final destination. An Itinerary can include the following items: • Destination - a location on your trip where you want to stop. •...

  • Page 57: Following An Itinerary

    Following an Itinerary When you use an Itinerary to navigate, the route will be calculated to the first destination on the Itinerary. Your TomTom GO calculates the remaining distance and time to the first destination and not for the whole Itinerary.

  • Page 58: Start Using An Itinerary

    Tap this button to move the item up the Itinerary. This button is unavailable if the item is at the top of the Itinerary. Move item up Tap this button to move the item down the Itinerary. This button is unavailable if the item is at the bottom of the Itinerary. Move item down Tap this button to see the location of the item on the map.

  • Page 59

    Help me Help me provides an easy way to navigate to emergency services centers and Help me other specialist services and contact them by phone. For example, if you are involved in a car accident, you could use Help me to call the nearest hospital and tell them your exact location.

  • Page 60

    Tap this button to find the contact details and location of a service center. Phone for help Tap this button to navigate your way by car to a service center. Drive to help Tap this button to navigate your way on foot to a service center. Walk to help Tap this button to see your current location on the map.

  • Page 61: Connecting To Your Phone

    Hands-free calling Hands-free calling If you have a mobile phone with Bluetooth®, you can use your TomTom GO to make phone calls and send and receive messages. Note: Not all phones are supported or compatible with all features. For more information, go to

  • Page 62: Making A Call

    Note: You can copy your phonebook to your TomTom GO at any time. From the Mobile phone menu, tap Get numbers from phone. Not all phones can transfer their phonebook to your GO. For more information, visit Making a Call Once you have established a connection with your phone, you can start making calls.

  • Page 63

    Auto-Answer You can tell your TomTom GO to answer every call automatically after a certain time. Tap Phone preferences in the mobile phone menu, then tap Auto-answer preferences. Select when your TomTom GO will automatically answer your calls. Sharing your TomTom GO To add more phones, do the following.

  • Page 64

    Tap this button to manage the mobile phones that will be connected to your TomTom GO. You can add a profile for up to five different mobile phones. Manage phones...

  • Page 65

    Favorite. To enter the name, just start typing. You don’t have to delete the suggested name. Tap this button to use TomTom Local search with Google search to help you find shops and businesses and save the location as a Favorite.

  • Page 66

    Select the location of the Favorite using the cursor, then tap Done. Point on map Tap this button to create a Favorite by entering latitude and longitude values. Latitude Longitude Tap this button to create a Favorite of the current position of a TomTom Buddy. TomTom Buddy...

  • Page 67

    Tap this button to select your last recorded position as your destination. Position of last stop How can I use a Favorite? You will normally use a Favorite as a way of navigating to a place without having to enter the address. To navigate to a Favorite, do the following: 1.

  • Page 68: Music And Media, Now Playing, Looking At Photos

    D Go to the previous or next song. E Play or Pause the selected song. F Tap the Back button to go back to the TomTom Jukebox player. The music continues to play. Tap Playing... in the Jukebox to open the Jukebox and control the music.

  • Page 69

    The Photo gallery starts, showing small versions (thumbnails) of all the photos on your GO. Tap the arrows to move up and down the page of thumbnails. Tap Slideshow to start a slideshow. Tap the thumbnail of a photo to view a large version of that photo. A Buttons to zoom in and zoom out on the photo.

  • Page 70: Live Services, Live Services Subscriptions

    Renewing your LIVE Services subscription using your GO 1. In the Main Menu, tap TomTom Services and then tap My Services. The current status of your LIVE Services is shown. 2. Tap on the service you want to renew.

  • Page 71: Fuel Prices, Search For The Best Fuel Prices

    Fuel Prices The Fuel Prices service sends up-to-date information about fuel prices directly to your TomTom GO or via TomTom HOME when your GO is connected to your computer. Search for the best fuel prices To search for the cheapest fuel prices, do the following.

  • Page 72: Using Local Search, Other Services

    Note: When LIVE Services are unavailable, this image is shown in the Driving View. Your TomTom GO informs you when your LIVE Services subscription is due for renewal. You can use your GO to inform TomTom that you wish to renew your current subscription.

  • Page 73

    For more information about LIVE Services subscription and payment terms, go to

  • Page 74: Safety Notice

    TomTom Traffic Traffic is a unique TomTom LIVE Service for receiving up-to-date traffic TomTom Traffic information. For more information about services and subscriptions, go to In combination with IQ Routes, Traffic helps you plan the best possible route to your destination taking into account the latest traffic information.

  • Page 75

    You can re-plan the route to avoid all delays, but this new route will take longer than the quickest route already shown. 3. Tap Done. Tip: You can let your TomTom device automatically minimize traffic delays for you. Minimize delays You can set Traffic to minimize traffic delays on your route each time the latest traffic information updates are received.

  • Page 76: Making Commuting To Work Easier

    In the example, the sidebar shows you that there are two incidents ahead. To re-plan your route to avoid these incidents, tap the sidebar to open the TomTom traffic menu, then tap Minimize traffic delays. Note: To make the Traffic sidebar more readable some incidents may not be shown.

  • Page 77: Checking Traffic Incidents In Your Area

    This may happen if, for example, there is no or poor network coverage in your area, or if you are driving in a country other than the one for which you purchased TomTom Traffic.

  • Page 78: Traffic Incidents

    Traffic incident symbols: Accident Road works One or more lanes closed Road closed Traffic incident Traffic jam Weather related symbols: Rain Wind Snow Note: The incident avoided symbol is shown for any traffic incident that you avoid using TomTom Traffic.

  • Page 79: Traffic Menu

    Show home- work traffic Tap this button to browse the map and see the traffic information displayed on the map. Browse map Tap this button to change your preferences for how TomTom Traffic works on your device. Change Traffic preferences...

  • Page 80: Introducing Tomtom Home, Installing Tomtom Home, Mytomtom Account

    TomTom HOME is a free application for your computer that helps you manage Introducing TomTom HOME the contents of your TomTom GO navigation device. It is a good idea to frequently connect to HOME to ensure you always have the latest updates on your device.

  • Page 81: Important Safety Notices And Warnings

    TomTom device. TomTom does not accept any liability for the availability and accuracy of GPS. Use with Care Use of a TomTom device for navigation still means that you need to drive with due care and attention. Aircraft and Hospitals Use of devices with an antenna is prohibited on most aircraft, in many hospitals and in many other locations.

  • Page 82

    TOMTOM ONLY WITH THE SUPPLIED DC POWER LEAD (CAR CHARGER/BATTERY CABLE) AND AC ADAPTER (HOME CHARGER) FOR BATTERY CHARGING. To recycle your TomTom unit please see your local approved TomTom service center. The stated battery life is a maximum possible battery life. The maximum battery life will only be achieved under specific atmospheric conditions.

  • Page 83

    Note: this Minnesota Stature applies to anyone driving in Minnesota, not just Minnesota residents. TomTom Inc. bears no responsibility for any fines, penalties or damage that may be incurred by disregarding this notice. While driving in any state with windshield mounting restrictions, TomTom recommends the use of the...

  • Page 84: This Document

    The information in this document is subject to change without notice. TomTom shall not be liable for technical or editorial errors or omissions contained herein; nor for incidental or consequential damages resulting from the performance or use of this material.

  • Page 85: Copyright Notices

    ; vous pouvez consulter ces deux documents à l'adresse suivante : © 2009 TomTom International BV, Países Bajos. TomTom™ y el logotipo "dos manos" son marcas comerciales, aplicaciones o marcas registradas de TomTom International B.V.

  • Page 86

    Text to Speech technology, © 2009 Loquendo TTS. All rights reserved. Loquendo is a registered trademark. MPEG Layer-3 audio coding technology licensed from Fraunhofer IIS and Thomson. Supply of this product does not convey a license nor imply any right to distribute content created with this product in revenue-generating broadcast systems (terrestrial, satellite, cable and/or other distribution channels), streaming applications (via Internet, intranets and/or other networks), other...

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