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Cisco Nexus 7000 Series Quick Start Manual page 2

Replacing a dimm on an i/o module
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Replacing a DIMM on an I/O Module
Follow ESD procedures, which include wearing an ESD wrist strap and placing
Step 1
antistatic foam or antistatic padding where you will place the I/O module while
working with it. Choose a location that prevents damage to the module while it is
outside the chassis.
Disconnect each I/O cable and remove the SFP transceivers from the front of the
Step 2
module to be removed.
Invisible laser radiation may be omitted from disconnected fibers or
connectors. Do not stare into beams or view directly with optical instruments.
Statement 1051
Completely unscrew both captive screws on the installed I/O module that you
Step 3
need to upgrade.
Step 4
Press both ejector release buttons on the ends of the module to push out the ejector
levers and to disconnect the module.
Simultaneously rotate the two ejector levers outward to unseat the module from
Step 5
the midplane connector.
With a hand on each ejector, pull the module part way out of its slot in the chassis.
Step 6
Grasp the front edge of the module and place your other hand under the module
Step 7
to support its weight. Pull the module out of its slot.
To prevent ESD damage, avoid touching the electronic circuitry and prevent
anything else from coming in contact with its circuitry.
If you are removing the module from a Cisco 7010 chassis, rotate the module 90
Step 8
degrees counterclockwise so that it is horizontal and you can see the circuitry
from above.
If there is a metal cover on the back of the I/O module, remove all 14 screws
Step 9
holding the metal cover in place and remove the metal cover before proceeding to
the next step. See
Replacing Memory on a Cisco Nexus 7000 Series I/O Module



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