Care And Cleaning; Storing The Mixer - Black & Decker EHM80 Series Use And Care Book Manual

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Using the Spatula Attachment
The Spatula is designed for use with thin (pudding, pancake batter) to
medium batters (cake mixes, muffins, frosting). It is not recommended
when beating egg whites, whipping cream, or when mixing thick
cookie dough.
1. Be sure the Mixer is unplugged and OFF.
Insert the Beaters into the Mixer.
2. Hold the Mixer by the handle
with the Beaters facing out.
Position the attachment so
that the Spatula is to the right
of the Beaters.
3. Weave the top of the Spatula
Attachment under the left
Beater shaft and over the right
Beater shaft. The word "Front"
on the Attachment should face
out. Snap the Attachment onto the
Beater shafts. (D)
4. As you mix, place the front edge of the Spatula Attachment against
the side of the bowl and move it forward slowly along the side of
bowl to scrape and blend ingredients back into the Beaters.
NOTE: If the Spatula Attachment detaches during use, be sure to turn OFF
the Mixer before attempting to reattach it to the Beaters.

Care and Cleaning

1. Be sure the Speed Control Switch is OFF (O) and the cord is unplugged
before cleaning any part of the Mixer. Eject the Beaters.
2. The Beaters (and Spatula Attachment) may be washed in hot, sudsy
water or in a dishwasher. Dry all parts thoroughly before storing.
3. Clean the Mixer or cord with a damp cloth. To remove stubborn spots,
wipe surfaces with a cloth dampened in sudsy water or a mild, non-
abrasive cleaner.
Follow with a clean, damp cloth. Do not use abrasive cleaners on any
part of the Mixer as they can damage the finish.

Storing the Mixer

1. To store, coil the Cord in loops and secure it with a cord tie. Do not
wrap the cord around the Mixer.
2. Store the Beater (and Spatula Attachment) in a drawer or in the origi-
nal packaging.
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