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Truly wireless earbuds
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AIRTIME PRO Earbuds Instructions
Charging the Wireless Earbuds
The case carries enough power to charge the earbuds up to 3 times.
Place them in the charge case.
2. A red light on the earbuds will indicate charging. When the red light disappears, they are
fully charged.
3. Recharge the case, if needed.
Based on 50% volume and 5 hours of playtime.
Charging the Case
Your case comes charged and ready to go, but here's how to recharge it when you need to:
Connect the included USB-C charging cable to the port on the back of your case.
2. Connect the USB-A end of the included cable to your preferred 5V USB outlet.
3. The Battery Indicator will flash according to its current battery level. This indicates your case
is charging.
4. Wait for the Battery Indicator lights to turn off, indicating your case is fully charged.
5. Disconnect the charging cable and enjoy your new, portable power.
Checking the Battery Level
Your case carries enough power to charge your wireless earbuds up to 5 times, for a total of up
to 20 hours. To check how much power it still carries:
Place the buds in the case. The LED on the front of the case will illuminate indicating how
much battery remains:
a. If it lights up completely, 75% or more remains.
b. If it lights up ¾ of the way, between 50-74% remains.
c. If it lights up ½ of the way, between 25-49% remains.
d. If it lights up ¼ of the way, less than 24% remains.
2. Recharge your case whenever you wish.
Factory Reset
A factory reset can help with some troubleshooting issues. Here's how to perform one:
Place both buds in the case.
2. Reset the right bud.
a. Remove the right bud from the case.
b. Tap and hold for 10 seconds until light flashes red and turns off.
c. Tap and hold for five seconds until light turns on and flashes red and white.
d. Quickly tap the bud six times, the light will turn off.
To charge them:

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