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Truly wireless earbuds
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AIRTIME PRO Earbuds Instructions
Welcome to Truly Wireless Audio. Now, you never need to plug your earbuds in again. AIRTIME
PRO Truly Wireless earbuds free you to enjoy music without anything holding you back.
Pairing the Wireless Earbuds with
Your Device
1. Simply open the case and remove the buds. A pairing signal will be sent to your Bluetooth®
device. The earbuds will flash white and red, indicating pairing mode.
2. Ensure your device's Bluetooth® connection is on and select "IFROGZ Airtime Pro."
3. Complete any additional paring steps based on your device. The earbuds' lights will flash
white and then turn off, indicating that pairing was successful. Congrats, your wireless
earbuds are now ready to use!
Turning Earbuds On/Off
To turn the earbuds on, simply remove the buds from the case.
If you would like to use only one bud, simply remove the right earbud from the case. The right
earbud is the primary bud and can be used without the other. Please note, the left earbud will not
work alone unless the right earbud is also removed from the case.
To turn earbuds off, simply return them to the case. You can also press and hold the IFROGZ icon
on the earbud for ten seconds to turn it off; it will flash red indicating power is off.
The earbuds will go into hibernation mode if not used for 20 minutes.

Using the Earbuds

AIRTIME PRO has built-in touch navigational controls. Simply tap on the end of the earbud (on the
IFROGZ logo) to navigate.

Music Controls

Left Bud
Play / Pause
Previous Track
Decrease Volume

Call Controls

Answer Call / End Call
Cancel Call
Siri / Voice Command
Right Bud
Quick Tap
Play / Pause
2x Taps
Next Track
Tap & Hold
Increase Volume
Quick Tap
Answer Call / End Call
Tap & Hold
Cancel Call
3x Taps
Siri / Voice Command

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