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Functional Description; Mifare (General); Mifare Desfire Ev1 Readers; Security Features - Honeywell Accentic Mounting And Connection Instructions

Mifare desfire ev1 reader
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Mounting and Connection Instructions mifare/DESFire EV1 reader "Accentic" with/without keypad

Functional description


mifare (general)

The readers are designed for contactless identification of mifare data carriers data carriers e.g. ID
A combination of data carrier and PIN can be used for performing functions via the keypad.
In order to read a data carrier an electromagnetic field with a frequency of 13,56 MHz is transmitted
from the reader unit. As soon as a data carrier enters this field, it transmits data in the "power field"
to the reader.
The individual code of every data carrier renders it unique.
The transmitted code is prepared in the reader so that the connected controller (evaluation unit or
central control unit) can continue the processing e.g. switching and control functions.

mifare DESFire EV1 readers


Security features

The mifare DESFire EV1 technology is the follower of the mifare classic system, however it has a
higher security class.
The mifare DESFire EV1 technology use the common accepted encoding procedure AES
(Advanced Encryption Standard). The current encoding procedure AES of DESFire EV1 readers
uses a 128 bit key.
The encoding procedure AES is known as extremely tap-proof and tamper-resistant. In th USA it is
approved for government documents in the highest security ratings.

Data carriers

To be able to use the encryption AES, mifare DESFire EV1 data carriers are needed.
For further information, refer to our current catalog.
The previous mifare classic data carrier can only be used parallel to EV1 data carriers if the
encryption AES is unused!
Before first use the mifate DESFire EV1 data carriers must be formatted and
Therefore the USB Desktop-reader mifare Classic & DESFire (Item no. 026487) must
be used. The procedure is described within the operating instructions of the USB

System conditions

- ACS-8
- IQ MultiAccess
- IQ SystemControl
- IK3 EU BUS-2
- Door controller module for MB
- WINFEM Advanced
Note: To use the encoding procedure, IQ SystemControl or IQ MultiAccess is required also for IDS.
from V09.xx
from V12.xx
from V07.xx
from V12.xx
from V12.xx
from V14.xx



Table of Contents

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