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Removable Cooking Plates; Preheating; Toasting; Grilling - Black & Decker TS2040 Instruction Manual

Removable plate sandwich maker/grill
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• Up to 30m ( 100ft ) can be used without
loss of power.
• Power plugs must match the outlet.
Never modify the plug in anyway. Do not
use any adapter plugs with earthed
(class 1) appliances. Unmodified plugs
and matching outlets will reduce the risk
of electric shock.

Removable cooking plates

• Before removing the cooking plates
please ensure they are cool.
To remove press the plate release button
(8). This will release the plates. The plate
can then be lifted clear.
• Place the desired plate into the unit by
inserting the plate locking tabs (9) in the
Tab Slot (10) and press the plate until you
clear a click. This indicates the plate is
correctly in position.


• Place the appliance on a suitable
• Plug the appliance in.
• The red power indicator (1) and the green
temperature indicator (2) will light up.
• Wait for the green temperature indicator
(2) to go out. This indicates the unit is at
the correct temperature and is ready to
• When using for the first time the unit may
produce smoke - this is just the
protective film burning and is not
Toasting (TS2040 & 2080)
• Ensure the triangle sandwich maker plate
is fitted and the unit is to the cooking
• Place the slice of buttered bread onto
the lower plates (5), with the buttered
side down.
• Add the required filling and place another
piece of buttered bread on top, with the
buttered side up.
• Repeat for the second sandwich.
• Close the cooking plates by slowly
lowering the upper plate.
• Use the clamp (3) to keep the plates
• After approx. 2-3 minutes, the
sandwiches will be ready. The time may
vary depending on your taste and the
type of bread and filling.
Warning! Do not use force to close the
cover or to apply the clamp. If necessary,
remove some filling.
Grilling TS2060 / TS2080
• Lightly brush both grill plates with butter,
margarine or cooking oil to prevent food
sticking to the plates.
• Ensure the unit is at the correct cooking
temperature (green light out).
• Open the grill and add the food to the
lower plate.
• Close the grill by slowly pressing the
cover down.



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