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Suunto M3 User Manual Page 19

Wristop computer designed for competetive boat racing.
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To replace the battery:
1. Insert the opening tool or a coin into the slot located on the battery compartment
cover on the backside of your Suunto M3.
2. Turn the tool/coin counterclockwise until it is aligned with the open position marker.
3. Remove the battery compartment cover and the O-ring, and discard them. Ensure
that all surfaces are clean and dry.
4. Remove the old battery carefully.
5. Place the new battery into the battery compartment under the metal flap, with the
positive side facing up.
6. With the O-ring in the correct position, replace the battery compartment cover and
turn it with the tool/coin clockwise until it is aligned with the closed position marker.
Make sure that the cover stays straight while turning it. Do not use force or press
the cover excessively.
NOTE: Perform battery replacement with extreme care to ensure that your Suunto
M3 remains water resistant. Careless battery replacement may void warranty.
WARNING: This Suunto product contains a Lithium cell. To reduce risk of fire or
burns, do not disassemble, crush, puncture, short external contacts, charge or dis-
pose of in fire or water. Replace only with manufacturer specified batteries. Recycle
or dispose of used batteries properly.
Refer to the pictures on the following page when changing the battery.



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