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Sundance Spas 850 Installation & Owner's Manual

850 export series.
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ADDENDUM - All Export 880/850 Hot Tub Models
880/850 Export 50Hz Owner's Manual Update, #6530-317 Rev-A
The following changes apply to the owners manual identified above:
Fluidix Intelli-Jet Operation Details (page 1)
New Change Filter Reminder Feature (page 2)
Revised Hot Tub Gravity Drain Operation Procedure (page 2)
Revised 2005+ Cameo Hot Tub "Top View" Figure-F (page 3)
Revised Light Button Operation Instructions (page 4)
New AquaTerrace Light Controller Operation for 2005 Cameo &
Optima (page 4)
New AquaTerrace Waterfall Control Valve Operation for 2005+
Cameo & Optima (page 5)
Revised Filter Cartridge Replacement Instructions for 2005+
Cameo & Optima (page 6)
Fluidix Intelli-Jet Operation Details
The Fluidix Intelli-Jets in your new spa offer the advantage of no
moving parts and zero maintenance. They can also be adjusted for
a high and low impact massage, providing the ultimate massage!
Each jet has it's own water volume and directional or oscillating flow
adjustment. The jet's outer dial controls water volume (flow rate)
and it's center "mode disk" selects either an oscillating or directional
flow massage.
Fluidix Intelli-Jet Adjustment
1. Turn outer dial (A) clockwise to increase water
volume. Turn outer dial counterclockwise to
decrease water volume or to shut jet off.
2. Rotate center "mode disk" (B) clockwise to
select a non-oscillating water stream or turn
counterclockwise to select an oscillating stream
at any angle.
3. For a high impact massage, turn corresponding
air control knob clockwise. For low impact
massage, turn corresponding air control knob
Note: Always keep at least 6 adjustable jets open at
all times on each jet system.
New Fluidix
Control Knob
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  • Page 1

    ADDENDUM - All Export 880/850 Hot Tub Models 880/850 Export 50Hz Owner’s Manual Update, #6530-317 Rev-A The following changes apply to the owners manual identified above: • Fluidix Intelli-Jet Operation Details (page 1) • New Change Filter Reminder Feature (page 2) •...

  • Page 2

    Programming The Change Filter Reminder Display Your new spa may be equipped with a programmable “Change Filter” reminder that appears on the control panel display after a specified number of days. It is designed to remind you to clean and/or replace your filter cartridge(s) on a regular basis but does not affect spa operation in any way.

  • Page 3

    Figure-F, Hot Tub Top View Note: 2005+ Cameo Model with Optional Audio System Illustrated. 2005+ Cameo/ Optima models include the new AquaTerrace waterfall control valve #16, waterfall #19, and light controller #20 as shown. These items are excluded from all other models listed in this manual.

  • Page 4

    850 Light Operation (2005+ Marin, Altamar, Capri) The spa light offers 6 constant color variations and a unique random mode for enhanced spa enjoyment. Press the LIGHT sensor pad once to turn the spa light on in “Random” mode, then repeatedly press the sensor pad to turn the light off or to select one of 6 constant colors illustrated below.

  • Page 5

    880 Waterfall Control Valve (2005+ Optima & Cameo) Turn valve counterclockwise to increase waterfall output. Turn clockwise to decrease or turn off waterfall output. Note: it takes 4 full revolutions to change the waterfall from a full off to a full on flow rate. 880 Filter Cartridge Replacement (2005+ Optima &...

  • Page 6

    Trapped Bubbles Submerge new filter cartridge in spa and tilt each end upward to remove most of the air bubbles trapped inside the filter. Replacement MicroClean II filter cartridges may be purchased from your Sundance dealer. An optional pleated filter cartridge is also available from your Sundance dealer.

  • Page 7

    850 Export Series Séries Exportation 850 850er Serie Export Installation & Owner’s Manual Instructions en Français Installations- und Bedienungsanleitung...

  • Page 8: Table Of Contents

    ENGLISH Table of Contents 1.0 Important Hot Tub Owner Information ...1 2.0 Important Safety Instructions ...2 3.0 Locating Your Sundance Hot Tub...5 3.1 Outdoor Locations ...5 3.2 Indoor Locations...5 4.0 General Electrical Safety Instructions...6 5.0 Electrical Installation Instructions (240V Service) ...7 6.0 Power Requirements...8 7.0 Start-Up Instructions ...9 8.0 Operating Instructions...12...

  • Page 9: Table Of Contents

    ENGLISH 1 1.0 Hot Tub Maintenance...28 1 1.1 Cleaning The Filter...28 1 1.2 Draining and Refilling ...29 1 1.3 Cleaning The Hot Tub Interior...30 1 1.4 Pillow Care ...31 1 1.5 Maintaining The Wood Cabinet...31 1 1.6 Maintaining The Optional Synthetic Cabinet ...31 1 1.7 Maintaining The Cover...32 1 1.8 Winterizing...32 1 1.9 Restarting your Hot Tub in Cold Weather ...33...

  • Page 10: Important Hot Tub Owner Information

    3.0 titled, “Locating Your Sundance Hot Tub” (page 5.) Sundance Spas constantly strives to offer the finest hot tubs available, there- fore modifications and enhancements may be made which affect the speci- fications, illustrations and/or instructions contained herein.

  • Page 11: Important Safety Instructions

    ENGLISH 2.0 Important Safety Instructions When using this electrical equipment, basic safety precautions should always be followed, including the following: 1. READ AND FOLLOW ALL INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE OPERATING THE HOT TUB! 2. DANGER - RISK OF ELECTRICAL SHOCK: Install at least 1.5m, from all metal surfaces.

  • Page 12

    8. Overflowing or Overfilling: Overfilling can cause the hot tub to siphon out water through the air venturis. Overfilling problems are not covered by the warranty. 9. Before entering a hot tub, the user should measure the water tempera- ture with an accurate thermometer since the tolerance of the water temperature-regulating device may vary as much as ±3°C.

  • Page 13

    ENGLISH 19. Persons using medication should consult a physician before using a hot tub since some medications may induce drowsiness while other med- ications may affect heart rate, blood pressure, and circulation. 20. Long exposures in the hot tub may result in nausea, dizziness or faint- ing.

  • Page 14: Locating Your Sundance Hot Tub, Outdoor Locations, Indoor Locations

    ENGLISH 3.0 Locating Your Sundance Hot Tub IMPORTANT: Because of the combined weight of the hot tub, water and users, it is extremely important that the base upon which the hot tub rests be smooth, flat, level and capable of uniformly supporting this weight, without shifting or settling, for the entire time the hot tub is in place.

  • Page 15: General Electrical Safety Instructions

    In the event they are unable to answer your questions, direct your inquiries to Sundance Spas. Please refer to the rear cover of this manual for our address and telephone number.

  • Page 16: Electrical Installation Instructions (240v Service)

    Before installing this hot tub, check with the local government/electrical authority to insure installation conforms to local country/area states codes. 5.0 Electrical Installation Instructions (240V Service) IMPORTANT NOTICE: The electrical wiring of this hot tub must be installed by a qualified electrician to comply with all regulations and standards spec- ified by the electrical authority in your state or country.

  • Page 17: Power Requirements

    5. Hot tubs with one main terminal block (Figure-B, Page 7) must be supplied with 20 Amps. Note: the 850 series hot tub can be adapted to use higher amperage circuits when available. Contact your Sundance dealer for details.

  • Page 18: Start-up Instructions

    CAPRI Models Voltage Frequency Max. Current Draw Wattage: Number of Wires Standard 12.1 Amp (2.8kW) configuration: the heater will not operate while the jets pumps is running. ** Alternate 23.6 Amp (5.4kW) configuration: the heater will operate while the jets pumps is running. Listed above are the most common power configurations by model.

  • Page 19

    ENGLISH • Fill the hot tub until the water level is midway in the filter bucket skim- mer opening and above all jets. Do not overfill. Important: Always fill your hot tub through the filter bucket after draining. Failure to do so may cause air to be trapped in either pump, preventing the pump from circulating water.

  • Page 20

    When power is turned on, the spa defaults to STANDARD mode. In STANDARD mode, the skimming/heating cycle will activate pump 1 as programmed to provide skimming action and additional filtration. In ECONOMY mode, the skimming/heating cycle will not come on. This is the main difference between the two operating modes.

  • Page 21: Operating Instructions, View, Light, Air Injection

    ENGLISH 8.0 Operating Instructions Your Sundance hot tub has a touch-sensitive control panel, massage selector valves and air control knobs located on the top rim of the hot tub (Figure-F, page 14). These controls let you operate many of the special functions of your Sundance hot tub.

  • Page 22

    8.5 Jets 2 - On models with two jet pumps, JETS 2 controls the high-speed pump #2. Auto Turn Off — Anytime a pump has been manually turned on, it will automatically turn off after approximately 20 minutes. If at this time you desire more jet operation you may simply turn the pump(s) back on.

  • Page 23

    ENGLISH Control Panel 2. Air Controls 3. Filter Lid 4. Massage Selector Valve #1 5. Whirlpool Jets (N/A Capri) 6. Therapy Jets (Fluidix Intelli-Jets) Massage Selector Valve #2 (N/A Capri) 8. Auxiliary Control Panel (N/A Capri) 9. Therapy Seat 10. Air Injectors 1 1.

  • Page 24: Selecting The Desired Massage Action, Adjusting Fluidix Intelli-jets

    8.6 Selecting The Desired Massage Action Your Sundance spa is equipped to allow you to customize the massage action you desire. Each model incorporates a diverter valve(s) that allow you to customize the mas- sage and performance by diverting water between various jet systems.

  • Page 25: Air Controls, Fragrance Dispenser

    ENGLISH 8.8 Air Controls Each jet system has its own air control. These controls allow you to regulate the amount of air which is mixed with the water entering through the jets. Clockwise rotation adds more air and counterclockwise rota- tion reduces air flow.

  • Page 26

    Optional SunSound SOURCE POWER MUTE Volume Up/Down (VOL) 2. Mute 3. Power On/Off 4. Source 5. Infrared Receiver for Wireless Remote Control 6. Preset Buttons 1 to 6 Front Panel Release Button 8. Display 9. Clock Set 10. Local Optional SunSound A.

  • Page 27

    ENGLISH E. Adjusting Bass Level Press audio button (20) until display reads “BAS.” Rotate volume knob to desired setting. A display of “C 0” indicates center, -2 to -12 indicates bass cut, and +2 to +12 indicates bass boost. Note: unit returns to vol- ume mode if volume control is not rotated for 3 seconds.

  • Page 28

    D. Open/Close Front Panel Place thumb on front panel release button (7) with forefinger below front overhang. Press firmly on release button, then flip panel open by pulling out- ward at top edge. To close panel, flip panel up and press firmly until you hear an audible click.

  • Page 29

    ENGLISH H. Scan Functions Select any AM or FM band and press scan button (1 1) to listen to a few seconds of each radio station. The display will flash and the radio will automatically scan to the next higher station, play that station for a few seconds, then scan to the next higher station.

  • Page 30

    play time is not shown, press clock set button (9) once. • To remove CD: open the front panel and press the CD eject button located under the front panel. Remove CD from drive and close front panel. CAUTION: listen for an audible click to ensure the front panel is closed to prevent water intrusion that could damage your unit.

  • Page 31

    ENGLISH B. Fogged CDs and Lens This condition may occur when it’s cold. Wipe fogged CDs with a soft cloth. Fogged optical components inside the unit will return to normal operation after an hour in a heated environment. Optional Wireless Remote Control (Purchased Separately) To ensure maximum life of the optional wireless stereo remote, we recommend never submerging it in water or leaving it under the spa cover! Prolonged exposure to moisture will...

  • Page 32: Automatic Filtration, Preset Skimming/heating Cycle

    General Nominal power supply ........14.4 VDC Allowable power supply .

  • Page 33: Standard Skimming/heating Mode, Economy Skimming/heating Mode, Selecting Standard Or Economy Skimming/heating Mode, Cleanup Cycle

    ENGLISH 9.2 Standard Skimming/Heating Mode In this mode, 2-stage water filtration is achieved by activating pump 1 for the programmed skimming/heating cycle. Water temperature is regulated by the set temperature, 24-hour circulation pump, and heater which turns on as needed. After the programmed set temperature is reached, the heater turns off and the circulation pump continues to operate 24-hours to filter and clean your spa through the MicroClean filter cartridge (unless pro- grammed otherwise).

  • Page 34: Programming Instructions, Adjusting Time Of Day, Changing The Skimming/heating Cycle

    10.0 Programming Instructions 10.1 Adjusting Time of Day The Sentry control system remembers the time of day even in the event of a prolonged power outage. However, it may occasionally be necessary to reset the time of day. For example: if you are not in the Pacific Time Zone you will want to reset the time for your own time zone.

  • Page 35: Programming The Change Filter Reminder, Programming The Optional Ozonator Cycle

    ENGLISH At any time, you may check the programming of any aspect of the skimming/heating cycle by first pressing CYCLE then moving through the menu by pressing either CYCLE or SELECT. The programming is changed only by pressing UP or DOWN during this process. 10.3 Programming The Change Filter Reminder Your new spa is equipped with a programmable “Change Filter”...

  • Page 36: Locking The Skimming/heating Cycle, Panel Lock, Temperature Setting Lock

    (3) Press SELECT sensor, “Start time” indicator displays. Press UP or DOWN sensor to set ozone start time in 30 minute increments. (4) Press SELECT sensor, “Duration” indicator displays. Press UP or DOWN sensor to set ozone duration in 2 hour increments. (5) Press DISPLAY sensor to exit setup and return to normal water temperature display.

  • Page 37: Hot Tub Maintenance, Cleaning The Filter

    ENGLISH 11.0 Hot Tub Maintenance Proper and regular maintenance of your hot tub will help it retain its beauty and performance. Your authorized Sundance Dealer can supply you with all the information, supplies, and accessory products you will need to accom- plish this.

  • Page 38: Draining And Refilling

    Stage 1 filter (Reuseable) Rinse debris from the stage 1 filter pleats using a garden hose and high-pressure nozzle. Start at the top and work downward to the face. Repeat process until all filter pleats are clean. Trapped Bubbles Submerge assembled filter in spa and tilt each end upward to remove trapped air bubbles from inside each filter cavity.

  • Page 39: Cleaning The Hot Tub Interior

    ENGLISH use, attention paid to water quality maintenance, etc. You will know it is time for a change when you cannot control sudsing and/or you can no longer get the normal feel or sparkle to the water even though the key water balance measurements are all within the proper parameters.

  • Page 40: Pillow Care, Maintaining The Wood Cabinet, Maintaining The Optional Synthetic Cabinet

    1 1.4 Pillow Care Remove and clean the headrest pillows as needed with soapy water using a cloth or soft-bristle brush. To maintain water resistance and luster, apply a quality vinyl conditioner once a month. Always remove the pillows when adding chemical shock treatment to the hot tub water.

  • Page 41: Maintaining The Cover, Winterizing

    ENGLISH 1 1.7 Maintaining The Cover Using the Sundance insulating hot tub cover anytime the hot tub is not in use will significantly reduce your operating costs, heat-up time and maintenance requirements. To prolong the life of the cover, handle it with care and clean it regularly using mild soap and water.

  • Page 42: Restarting Your Hot Tub In Cold Weather, Handrail Maintenance

    the equipment compartment. Replace the drain plugs. 7. Loosen hose clamp at bottom of heater (Figure-A, Page 6) and pull hose off of heater fitting (twist the hose back and forth while pulling downward). Tip hose down and allow to drain. 8.

  • Page 43: Water Quality Maintenance, Ph Control, Sanitizing

    ENGLISH 12.0 Water Quality Maintenance Maintaining the quality of the water within specified limits will serve to enhance your enjoyment and prolong the life of the hot tub's equipment. It is a fairly simple task, but it requires regular attention because the water chemistry involved is a balance of several factors.

  • Page 44: Other Additives, Troubleshooting - Display Messages

    12.3 Other Additives Many other additives are available for your hot tub. Some are necessary to compensate for out-of-balance water, some aid in cosmetic water treatment and others simply alter the feel or smell of the water. Your Authorized Sundance Dealer can advise you on the use of these additives. 12.4 Optional SunZone If you have elected to have your hot tub equipped with the optional Sundance SunZone...

  • Page 45

    ENGLISH REFILLED. IF YOU SUSPECT THAT THIS IS THE CASE, SEE THE INSTRUCTIONS ON PAGE 37 UNDER “PUMP DOES NOT OPERATE...” Panel sensors have been pressed too many times in a short period of time. Because this could cause excessive wear on equipment components, panel sensors are temporarily deactivated.

  • Page 46: Troubleshooting - Procedures

    14.0 Troubleshooting - Procedures In the unlikely event your hot tub is not working the way you believe it should, please first review all installation and operating instructions in this manual and check the message on the panel display; second, if you are still not satisfied it is working properly, please follow the appropriate troubleshooting instruc- tions.

  • Page 47

    ENGLISH (Note: This method must be used for pump #2 of all Altamar, Cameo, Marin, and Optima models because pump #2 is not connected to the filter.) IMPORTANT: If freezing conditions exist and pump is not operational, take measures to protect the system from freeze damage. See “Winterizing”...

  • Page 48: Jumper Configurations/max Current Chart

    ENGLISH 15.0 Jumper Configurations / Max Current Chart Page 39...

  • Page 49: Electrical Wiring Diagram, Export 50hz

    ENGLISH 16.0 Electrical Wiring Diagram Export 50Hz Page 40...

  • Page 50

    Sundance Spas, Inc. 14525 Monte Vista Ave, Chino, CA 91710/U.S.A., Phone: (909) 606-7733, Fax: (909) 606-0195 Website: 6530-327, Rev. A © 2004 Sundance Spas, Inc. Printed in U.S.A.

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