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twisted electrons TherapKid User Manual page 8

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4 Filter
TherapKid has 5 filter modes: Low Pass, Band Pass,
Notch, High Pass and Off
Use the filter mode button to change the filter
Use the cutoff knob to set the filter cutoff frequency
and the res knob to set the filter resonance.
5 Arp
TherapKid has 5 arp modes: Up, Down, Up/Down,
and Random and Off
Use the arp mode button to toggle through the
modes. When the arp is on hold multiple keys to
arpeggiate between the notes.
Set the arp range in octaves with the range knob (up
to 4 octaves)
Set the arp speed with the arp rate knob
Note: the arp retrievers the LFO if it's set to retrig



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