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twisted electrons TherapKid User Manual page 7

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3 Modulation
therapKid can take control of your knobs with its
dual LFO.
To assign a knob to an LFO simply move a knob and
press the LFO1 link or LFO2 link buttons to assign it
to LFO1 or LFO2 respectively. The link button will
light up indicating that the association has been
made. You can break the connection by pressing the
link button again.
To clear all knobs associated to an LFO hold the link
button for 3 seconds.
Use the rate and depth knobs to set the intensity
and speed of the lfo.
When lit the loop button makes the LFO loop or
become a one shot modulator when unlit, handy to
use as an envelope.
The retrig button is used to make the LFO cycle
reset when a new key is pressed.
Note: the arp will retrig the LFO too when lit.



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