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twisted electrons TherapKid User Manual page 3

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Let's assign the cutoff knob to lfo1.
-Move the cutoff knob a little so the red digits show
its position.
-press the bottom left button (lfo1 link). The button
will light up indicating that the cutoff knob is now
assigned to lfo1. You can now use the lfo depth and
rate knobs to change how the filter is modulated.
Note: the effect is more pronounced if the cutoff
knob is at minimum and the lfo1 depth at maximum.
Let's add a wind effect by mixing in some noise.
Press the noise waveform of voice1. It will light up
but no audible change. This is because we need to
increase the volume of the noise waveform.
Hold the noise waveform button and turn the mix
knob to set the volume of the noise.
Now let's add a sub oscillator sine wave to voice 2.
Mute voice1 for now by pressing the waveforms
until they are off.
Press the sine waveform of voice2 to turn it on.
Now let's detune the sine:
Hold the sine waveform and use the tune knob to
set it 1 octave below the sawtooth.



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