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Step 5 Printing Photo; Printing Using Bluetooth ( ) - LG Pocket Photo PD221 Owner's Manual

For android smartphone
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Printing using Bluetooth (
Preparation : Turn the device on, and start printing with the white LED
button) turning on.
1. Run LG Pocket Photo App on smartphone.
2. Select a photo to print, and touch [Print].
3. Touch [OK], then it will start searching for Bluetooth devices.
4. When LG Pocket Photo is paired for the first time, [Bluetooth pairing request]
appears. To start printing, touch [Pairing] or input the PIN code '0000' .
y If Smart Sheet is in the device, it will be ejected before starting printing.
y The color of impression can be different between printed photo and image
on smartphone's display.
y Once the battery is fully charged, you can print up to 15 papers in a row. It
depends on the battery condition.
y The Bluetooth searching and transferring may fail depending on its
environment. Check the Bluetooth condition on your phone and try again.
y If there are more than a LG Pocket Photo device, check MAC address on the
label to choose one you want to use.
(Refer to "Checking Label" on page 16.)
y Do not pull paper out by force during printing.
y Do not open the Paper insert door during printing.
y Do not place an object at the front of the Paper exit slot.
y If the device is vibrated or given shock, the quality of the printed photo
may be reduced.
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Printing Photo



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