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Troubleshooting - LG Pocket Photo PD221 Owner's Manual

For android smartphone
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No power
Bluetooth paring
does not work well.
The paper jammed
before printing.
The paper jammed
during printing.
The printed photo
has lines.
No or incomplete
image is printed.
The edge of the
image on the
photo is cut off.
White space
appears at the
edge of the paper.
Quality of printed
photo is too low.
Device does not
Device is turned off
Above solutions do
not work.
221.ASGPLLK_OM_ENG_0663_1115.indd 19
Cause / Solution
The battery is discharged.
Be sure the device is connected to charger or PC properly
when charging.
Switch Bluetooth off and on again on your smartphone,
then pair with the device in the smartphone's settings.
Turn on the device and try printing (pairing) again in 5
Be sure the device is on.
1. Turn the device off and on again then paper is ejected
2. If above solution does not work, open the Upper cover
and arrange the papers. Then insert them with Smart
Sheet (Blue) or pull the paper out slowly and gently.
Open the Upper cover, arrange the papers and insert
them with Smart Sheet locating at the bottom. Then
try printing again. (To open the Upper cover, refer to
"Checking Label" on page 16.)
Set [Print mode] to [Image Full] in the App's setting then
the image is printed as a whole.
When [Print mode] is set to [Image Full], white space may
appears if the aspect ratio of the paper and your image is
not the same.
[Paper Full], the edge of the image can be cut off
little white space at the edge of the paper may appear.
In case you magnify an image using [Edit] menu in the
App, the quality of the printed photo may be reduced.
Turn off the device and insert Smart Sheet locating at the
bottom of the papers. Then try printing again.
Be sure the photo size is bigger than the proper
resolution.(1280 x 2448 pixels)
Preheating is needed. Wait for about 2 min.
Be sure there are papers in the device.
It may take time to print after Smart Sheet is ejected.
Be sure the photo file is less than 10 MB.
Baseline JPEG format is supported only.
Check [Auto Power Off ] time in the App's setting. (via USB
Press Reset hole with a pointed thing like sharp pencil to



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