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Using Gp2Y1026Au0F With Arduino - Sharp GP2Y1026AU0F Application Manual

Dust sensor, arduino uno/mega
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Application Guide for Sharp GP2Y1026AU0F Dust Sensor

7. Using GP2Y1026AU0F with Arduino

GP2Y1026AU0F includes a built-in LED pulse drive circuit. This eliminates the need for an
external circuit and allows you to connect the Sharp sensor directly to your Arduino board.
The pulse drive circuit also helps to extend the lifetime of the sensor under continuous
operation. Although the Sharp sensor has a RxD terminal, you don't need to send it any
commands in order to begin receiving serial UART data from the sensor's TxD terminal.
Simply connect the sensor to your Arduino board as shown in the figure below. This
example uses Arduino Uno but it should work the same with Arduino Mega 2560.



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