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Sony AVD-C700ES Operating Instructions Manual Page 87

Super audio cd/dvd receiver.
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channels to enhance the 6.1 channel effect, and
is best suited for movies.
MUSIC mode allows the front L and R channels
to go unprocessed for optimum stereo, with the
addition of the surround components adding a
special quality to the sound.
Parental Control
A function of the DVD to limit playback of the
disc by the age of the viewer according to the
limitation level in each country. The limitation
varies from disc to disc; when it is activated,
playback is completely prohibited, violent
scenes are skipped or replaced with other scenes
and so on.
Playback Control (PBC)
Signals encoded on VIDEO CDs (Version 2.0)
to control playback.
By using menu screens recorded on VIDEO
CDs with PBC functions, you can enjoy playing
simple interactive programs, programs with
search functions, and so on.
Progressive format (sequential
In contrast to the Interlace format, the
progressive format can reproduce 60 frames per
second by reproducing all scanning lines (525
lines for the NTSC system). The overall picture
quality increases and still images, text and
horizontal lines appear sharper. This format is
compatible with the 525 progressive format.
Region Code
This receiver is used to protect copyrights. A
region number is allocated on each DVD system
or DVD disc according to the sales region. Each
region code is shown on the receiver as well as
on the disc packaging. The receiver can play the
discs that match its region code. The receiver
can also play discs with the "
when the region code is not shown on the DVD,
the region limit may still be activated.
On a VIDEO CD with PBC (playback control)
functions, the menu screens, moving pictures
and still pictures are divided into sections called
" mark. Even
Super Audio CD
A Super Audio CD disc can reproduce sounds
that are extremely faithful to the original sound
by use of DSD (Direct Stream Digital)
technology. This technology utilizes a sampling
frequency of 2.8224 MHz, which is 64 times that
of a conventional CD, and 1-bit quantization that
enables the disc to hold 4 times the amount of
information that a standard PCM format CD can
hold. Super Audio CDs are divided into the
following types.
• Super Audio CD (single layer disc)
This disc consists of a single HD layer*.
* High density signal layer for the Super Audio CD
• Super Audio CD (dual layer disc)
This disc consists of dual HD layers and is
capable of extended play over long periods.
Also, as the dual layer disc consists of dual HD
layers on one side only, you do not have to turn
the disc over during playback.
• Super Audio CD + CD (Hybrid disc)
This disc consists of an HD layer and a CD
layer. Also, as the dual layers are on one side
only, you do not have to turn the disc over
during playback. You can play this CD layer
using a conventional CD player.
HD (high density) layer
HD layer
HD layer
CD layer
HD layer



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