Sony VPL-CX21 Operating Instructions Manual

Sony operating instructions data projector vpl-cx21, vpl-cs21.
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2-682-487-12 (1)
Data Projector
Operating Instructions
© 2006 Sony Corporation


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  • Page 1

    2-682-487-12 (1) Data Projector Operating Instructions VPL-CX21 VPL-CS21 © 2006 Sony Corporation...

  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Overview Features ... 3 Location and Function of Controls ... 4 Top/Front/Left Side ... 4 Rear/Right Side/Bottom ... 4 Control/Connector Panel ... 5 Remote Commander ... 6 Projecting the Picture Installing the Projector ... 8 Connecting the Projector ... 9 Connecting a Computer ...

  • Page 3: Features

    Features High brightness, high picture quality High brightness Adopting Sony's unique new optical system that incorporates newly developed LCD panels provides a high-efficiency optical system. It allows the 165 W Ultra High Pressure lamp lamp to give a light output of 2100 ANSI lumen.

  • Page 4: Location And Function Of Controls, Top/front/left Side, Rear/right Side/bottom

    Location and Function of Controls Top/Front/Left Side Rear/Right Side/Bottom a Front remote control detector b Lens c Powered tilt adjuster d Ventilation holes (exhaust) e Speaker f Security lock Connects to an optional security cable (from Kensington). Web page address: Location and Function of Controls g Rear remote control detector...

  • Page 5: Control/connector Panel

    Control/Connector Panel Open the cover to use the AUDIO/ VIDEO IN connector. Push a ZOOM +/– key Adjusts the picture size. b INPUT key c ?/1 (On/Standby) key Turns on the projector when the projector is in standby mode. The ON/ STANDBY indicator around the ?/1 key flashes in green until the projector is ready to operate.

  • Page 6: Remote Commander

    j INPUT A connector (HD D-sub 15-pin, female) Inputs a computer signal, video GBR signal, component signal, or DTV signal depending on the connected equipment. Connects to the output connector of equipment using the supplied cable or an optional cable. For details, see “Connecting a Computer”...

  • Page 7

    p AUDIO MOTING key Press to temporarily cut off the audio output from the speaker. Press again or press the VOLUME + key to restore the sound. Before using the Remote Commander Pull out the clear film from the lithium battery holder.

  • Page 8: Installing The Projector

    B Projecting the Picture Installing the Projector The distance between the lens and the screen varies depending on the size of the screen. Use the following table as a guide. Screen Distance between the screen and the center of the lens Screen size (inches) Minimum...

  • Page 9: Connecting The Projector, Connecting A Computer

    Notes • The projector accepts VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, and SXGA+ signals. However, we recommend that you set the output mode of your computer to XGA (VPL-CX21) or Connecting the Projector to monitor output...

  • Page 10: Connecting A Vcr

    SVGA (VPL-CS21) mode for the external monitor. • If you set your computer, such as a notebook computer, to output the signal to both your computer’s display and the external monitor, the picture of the external monitor may not appear properly. Set your computer to output the signal to only the external monitor.

  • Page 11: Projecting

    To connect to a video GBR/ Component output connector Left side to video GBR/ component output White audio audio output output A SMF-402 Signal Cable (not supplied) HD D-sub 15-pin (male) ↔ 3 × phono jack B A/V connecting adaptor (supplied) C Stereo audio connecting cable (not supplied) (Use a no-resistance cable.) Note...

  • Page 12

    may not be perfectly adjusted depending on the brightness of the room, or the state of the screen. In this case, adjust it manually in step 8 on page 13. Turn on the equipment connected to the projector. Press the INPUT key to select the input source.

  • Page 13

    Notes • When you adjust the powered tilt adjuster with the TILT key, the V keystone adjustment is performed at the same time. If you do not want to perform the automatic keystone adjustment, set the V Keystone menu to “Manual.” (See page 26.) •...

  • Page 14: Turning Off The Power

    Turning Off the Power Press the ?/1 key. “POWER OFF? Please press ?/1 key again.” appears to confirm that you want to turn off the power. Note The message disappears if you press any key other than the ?/1 key, or if you do not press any key for five seconds.

  • Page 15: Selecting The Menu Language

    B Convenient Functions Selecting the Menu Language You can select one of fifteen languages for displaying the menu and other on-screen displays. The factory setting is English. To change the menu language, proceed as follows: ON/STANDBY indicator Front remote control detector INPUT STONE /TILT LENS...

  • Page 16: Security Lock

    Security Lock The projector is equipped with a security lock function. When you turn the power of the projector on, you are required to input the previously set password. If you do not input the correct password, you will not be able to project the picture.

  • Page 17: Other Functions, Off & Go Function

    entering the password is displayed when the power is turned on the next time. Security certification When the password screen is displayed, enter the password that was set. If you fail to enter the correct password after three tries, the projector cannot be used. In this case, press the ?/1 key to turn off the power.

  • Page 18: Effective Tools For Your Presentation

    Effective Tools for Your Presentation To enlarge the image (Digital Zoom function) You can select a section of the image to enlarge. This function works when a signal from a computer is input. This function does not work when a video signal is input.

  • Page 19: Using A Menu

    B Adjustments and Settings Using a Menu Using a MENU The projector is equipped with an on-screen menu for making various adjustments and settings. Some of the adjustable/setting items are displayed in a pop-up menu, in a setting menu or adjustment menu with no main menu, or in the next menu window.

  • Page 20

    To clear the menu Press the MENU key. The menu disappears automatically if a key is not pressed for one minute. To reset items that have been adjusted Select the item that you want to reset, and press the RESET key on the Remote Commander.

  • Page 21: The Picture Menu

    The Picture Menu The Picture menu is used for adjusting the picture or volume. Picture Mode: Standard Picture Adjust Picture Signal Volume: Function Installation Setup Information Sel: Set: Exit: Setting items Functions Picture Mode Selects the picture mode. • Dynamic: Emphasizes the contrast to produce a “dynamic”...

  • Page 22: The Signal Menu

    The Signal Menu The Signal menu is used to adjust the input signal. Adjust Adjust Signal Picture Wide Mode: Scan Converter: Signal Function Installation Setup Information Sel: Set: Setting items Functions Adjust Signal... Dot Phase Adjusts the dot phase of the LCD panel and the signal output from a computer.

  • Page 23: About The Preset Memory No

    “Shift.” Signal Memory No. SIZE Super Mac-2 SGI-1 Macintosh 19" Macintosh 21" Sony News PC-9821 1280 × 1024 WS Sunmicro Note When the aspect ratio of input signal is other than 4:3, a part of the screen is displayed in black.

  • Page 24: The Function Menu

    The Function Menu The Function menu is used for changing the settings of the projector. Setting items Functions Smart APA The APA (Auto Pixel Alignment) automatically adjusts “Dot Phase,” “H Size” and “Shift” on the Signal menu for the input signal from a computer. •...

  • Page 25

    Setting items Functions Panel Key Lock Locks all the control panel keys on the side panel of the projector so that the projector can be operated only with the Remote Commander. To lock the control panel keys, set to “On.” When it is set to “On,”...

  • Page 26: The Installation Menu

    • Front: Activates the front detector only. • Rear: Activates the rear detector only. Illumination Selects whether the SONY logo on the rear panel of the projector lights when the projector is on. The Installation Menu Exit: Initial setting...

  • Page 27

    Setting items Functions High Altitude Set to “On” when the projector is used at an altitude of Mode 1,500 m or higher. Note The auto V Keystone adjustment may not correct the trapezoidal distortion perfectly, depending on the room temperature or the screen angle. Initial setting The Installation Menu...

  • Page 28: The Setup Menu

    The Setup Menu The Setup menu is used for changing the menu displays. Setting items Functions Status (on-screen Sets up the on-screen display. display) When set to “Off,” turns off the on-screen displays except for the menus, a message when the power is turned off, and warning messages.

  • Page 29: The Information Menu

    The Information Menu The Information menu displays the model name, serial number, the horizontal and vertical frequencies of the input signal and the cumulated hours of usage of the lamp. Setting items Functions Displays the horizontal frequency of the input signal. The displayed value is approximate.

  • Page 30

    – Scan Converter – Wide Mode z: Adjustable/can be set – : Not adjustable/cannot be set : VPL-CX21: Lower than SVGA VPL-CS21: Lower than VGA : Except preset memory No. 7, 8, 10, 11 The Information Menu Component Video GBR –...

  • Page 31: Replacing The Lamp

    B Maintenance Replacing the Lamp The lamp used as a light source is a consumable product. Thus, replace the lamp with a new one in the following cases. • When the lamp has burnt out or dims • “Please replace the Lamp.” appears on the screen •...

  • Page 32

    Insert the new lamp all the way in until it is securely in place (a). Tighten the two screws (c). Fold down the handle to replace it (b). Fold down the handle. Notes • Be careful not to touch the glass surface of the lamp.

  • Page 33: Cleaning The Air Filter

    Cleaning the Air Filter The air filter should be cleaned every 500 hours. Remove dust from the outside of the ventilation holes with a vacuum cleaner. 500 hours are approximate. This value varies depending on the environment or how the projector is used.

  • Page 34: Troubleshooting

    B Others Troubleshooting If the projector appears to be operating erratically, try to diagnose and correct the problem using the following instructions. If the problem persists, consult with qualified Sony personnel. Power Symptom The power is not turned on. • The power has been turned off and on with the ?/1 key at a short...

  • Page 35

    Symptom Cause and Remedy The picture is noisy. Noise may appear on the background depending on the combination of the number of dots input from the connector and the numbers of pixels on the LCD panel. c Change the desktop pattern on the connected computer. The picture from the The setting of “Input-A Signal Sel.”...

  • Page 36

    Attach the cover securely (see page 32 and 33). • The electrical system may break down. c Consult with qualified Sony personnel. • The lamp has reached the end of its life. c Replace the lamp (see page 31).

  • Page 37: Messages List

    Input a signal that is within the range of the frequency. • The resolution setting of the output signal of the computer is too high. c Set the output setting to XGA (VPL-CX21) and SVGA (VPL- Please check Input-A You have input an RGB signal from the computer when “Input-A Signal Sel.

  • Page 38

    Message Lens control is locked! Do you wish to unlock? Yes V No v Troubleshooting Meaning and Remedy “Lens Control” on the Installation menu is set to “Off.” c To enable the the LENS (FOCUS, ZOOM) key on the Remote Commander, and the FOCUS and ZOOM keys on the projector, set “Lens Control”...

  • Page 39: Specifications

    NTSC on a NTSC system VCR.) 4.43 Resolution VPL-CX21: 750 horizontal TV lines (Video input) 1,024 × 768 dots (RGB input) VPL-CS21: 600 horizontal TV lines (Video input) 800 × 600 dots (RGB input)

  • Page 40

    Signal Cable SMF-402 (HD D-sub 15-pin (male) y 3 × phono type (male)) Some of the items may not be available in some areas. For details, please consult your nearest Sony dealer. Specifications Pin assignment INPUT A connector (HD D-sub 15-pin, female) ×...

  • Page 41

    Preset signals Memory Preset signal Video 60 Hz 60 Hz Video 50 Hz 50 Hz 480/60i 480/60i 575/50i 575/50i 480/60p 480/60p (Progressive component 575/50p 575/50p (Progressive component 1080/60i 1035/60i, 1080/60i 1080/50i 1080/50i 720/60p 720/60p 720/50p 720/50p 640 × 350 VGA mode 1 VGA VESA 85 Hz 640 ×...

  • Page 42

    Memory Preset signal 1152 × 864 1152 × 900 1280 × 960 1280 × 1024 1400 × 1050 Notes • When a signal other than the preset signals shown above is input, the picture may not be displayed properly. • For the Memory No.49*, the smart APA function and the APA key of the remote commander do not active.

  • Page 43: Index

    Index Adjusting memory of the settings ...20 the picture ...21 the picture size/shift ...22 Air filter ...33 Auto Focus ...24 Auto Input Search ...24 Background ...26 Batteries ...7 Brightness ...21 Color ...21 Color System ...28 Color Temp..21 Connecting a computer ...9 Connecting a VCR ...10 Contrast ...21 Digital Zoom function ...18...

  • Page 44

    Scan Converter ... 22 Screen size ... 8, 39 Security Lock ... 25 Sharpness ... 21 Shift ... 22 Smart APA ... 24 Specifications ... 39 Standby Mode ... 24 Status ... 28 Supplied accessories ... 40 Test Pattern ... 24 Tilt...

  • Page 45

    Sony Corporation...

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