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Care And Maintenance - Craftsman CMXELAYMPL1026 Instruction Manual

2000 lumens led work light
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WARNING: Burn hazard. Glass becomes hot during
use. Do not touch glass surface when work light is on
or immediately after use.
OPERATING YOUR UNIT. Compare the illustrations with your
unit to familiarize yourself with the location of switch and
adjustments. Save this manual for future reference.
Switch (Fig. A,E)
Press the switch
towards "I" to turn on the work light,
Press the switch
towards "o" to turn off the work light.
Fig E.


WARNING: To reduce the risk of serious personal
injury, turn unit off, disconnect it from power
source and put it on a stable secure position
before making any adjustments or removing/
installing attachments or accessories.

WARNING: When performing maintenance, you may
be exposed to voltage sources. Personal injuries can
occur. Before performing any maintenance, disconnect
work light from power source.

WARNING: Blow dirt and dust out of all air vents with
clean, dry air at least once a week. To minimize the risk
of eye injury, always wear ANSI Z87.1 approved eye
protection when performing this.

WARNING: Never use solvents or other harsh
chemicals for cleaning the non-metallic parts of the
work light. These chemicals may weaken the plastic
materials used in these parts. Use a cloth dampened
only with water and mild soap. Never let any liquid get
inside the work light; never immerse any part of the
work light into a liquid.
This work light is not serviceable. There are no serviceable
parts inside the work light.

WARNING: Since accessories, other than those
offered by CRAFTSMAN, have not been tested with
this product, use of such accessories with this product
could be hazardous. To reduce the risk of injury, only
CRAFTSMAN recommended accessories should be
used with this product.

WARNING: To reduce the risk of serious personal
injury, turn unit off and disconnect it from
power source before making any adjustments or
removing/installing attachments or accessories.
Place work light on a stable surface where it will not
cause a tripping or falling hazard. Work lights may be
easily knocked over in certain situations.
Recommended accessories for use with your work light are
available at extra cost from your local dealer or authorized
service center. If you need assistance in locating any
accessory, please contact CRAFTSMAN, call 1-888-331-4569
Tripod (Sold Separately) (Fig. F)
This work light is compatiable with Craftsman
CMXELAYMPL1031 tripod (Sold Separately), for detail please
visit or visit your local dealer
Fig F.
Cord Winder (Fig. G, H)
Before beginning installation of the accessories, make
sure all parts are present. Compare parts with the Fig G
accessories package contents list. If any part is missing or
damaged, do not attempt to assemble the accessories.
Tools required for assembly (not included): Phillips
1. Turn off the work light and disconnect the plug from
power source.
2. Secure the cord winders
light with two screws
3. Power cord can be wrapped and stored around the cord
winders, as shown in Fig H.
to the back of the work

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Table of Contents

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