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Adjustment Instruction - LG 32SE3B-BE Service Manual

Monitor signage
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1. Application Range
This spec sheet is applied all of the Digital Signage Product
with LW57A/B chassis.
2. Designation
1) The adjustment is according to the order which is designat-
ed and which must be followed, according to the plan which
can be changed only on agreeing.
2) Power adjustment : Free Voltage.
3) Magnetic Field Condition: Nil.
4) Input signal Unit: Product Specification Standard.
5) Reserve after operation: Above 5 Minutes (Heat Run)
Temperature : at 25 °C ± 5 °C
Relative humidity : 65 % ± 10 %
Input voltage : 220V, 60Hz
6) Adjustment equipments : Color Analyzer (CA-210 or CA-
110), DDC Adjustment Jig equipment, SVC remote control-
7) Push The "IN STOP KEY" – For memory initialization.
Case1 : Software version up
1) After downloading S/W by USB , Multi-vision set will reboot
2) Push "In-stop" key
3) Push "Power on" key
4) Function inspection
5) After function inspection, Push "In-stop" key.
Case2 : Function check at the assembly line
1) When TV set is entering on the assembly line, Push "In-
stop" ke y at first.
2) Push "Power on" key for turning it on.
→ If you push "Power on" key, TV set will recover channel
information by itself.
3) After function inspection, Push "In-stop" key.
3. Main PCB check process
* APC - After Manual-Insult, executing APC
* Boot file Download
1) Execute ISP program "Mstar ISP Utility" and then click
"Config" tab.
2) Set as below, and then click "Auto Detect" and check
"OK" message. If "Error" is displayed, Check connection
between computer, jig, and set.
3) Click "Read" tab, and then load download file (XXXX.bin)
by clicking "Read"
Copyright ©
LG Electronics. Inc. All rights reserved.
Only for training and service purposes


Please Check the Speed :
Use the speed under
4) Click "Connect" tab. If "Can't " is displayed, Check connec-
tion between computer, jig, and set.
5) Click "Auto" tab and set as below.
6) Click "Run".
7) After downloading, check "OK" message.
* USB DOWNLOAD(*.epk file download)
1) Put the USB Stick to the USB socket
2) Automatically detecting update file in USB Stick
- If your downloaded program version in USB Stick is Low, it
didn't work.
- But your downloaded version is High, USB data is automati-
cally detecting
3) Show the message "Copying files from memory"
4) Updating is staring.
5) Updating Completed, The Multi-vision will restart automati-
6) If your Multi-vision is turned on, check your updated version
and Tool option. (explain the Tool option, next stage)
- 9 -
(7) ..........OK
LGE Internal Use Only



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