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No sound is output from the HDMI OUT
, The HDMI OUT jack is connected to a DVI
device (DVI jacks do not accept audio
, The HDMI OUT jack does not output Super
Audio CD sound.
, The VIDEO OFF function is set to on.
, Set "AUDIO (HDMI)" in "AUDIO
SETUP" to "PCM" (page 74).
Sound distortion occurs.
"ON" (page 73).
The volume is low.
"OFF" (page 73).
The surround effect is difficult to hear
when playing a Dolby Digital, or DTS
sound track.
, Check the speaker connections and settings
(page 24, 26, 74).
, 5.1 channel sound is not recorded on the
disc being played.
The sound only comes from the center
, Depending on the disc, the sound may come
from the center speaker only.
The remote does not function.
, The batteries in the remote are weak.
, There are obstacles between the remote and
the player.
, The distance between the remote and the
player is too far.
, The remote is not pointed at the remote
sensor on the player.
, The COMMAND MODE switch setting on
the remote does not match the setting on the
player (page 16).
The disc does not play.
, The disc is skewed.
, The player cannot play certain discs (page
, The region code on the DVD does not match
the player.
, Moisture has condensed inside the player
(page 3).
, The player cannot play a recorded disc that
is not correctly finalized (page 7).
The MP3 audio track cannot be played
(page 55).
, The DATA CD is not recorded in an MP3
format that conforms to ISO9660 Level 1/
Level 2 or Joliet.
, The MP3 audio track does not have the
extension ".MP3."
The sampling frequencies of MP3 files are
other than 44.1 kHz and 48 kHz.
, The data is not formatted in MP3 even
though it has the extension ".MP3."
, The data is not MPEG1 Audio Layer 3 data.
, The player cannot play audio tracks in
MP3PRO format.
The JPEG image file cannot be played
(page 55).
, The DATA CD is not recorded in a JPEG
format that conforms to ISO 9660 Level 1/
Level 2, or Joliet.
, The file has an extension other than
".JPEG" or ".JPG."
, The image is larger than 5760 (width)
3840 (height) in normal mode, or more than
8 M pixels in progressive JPEG. (Some
progressive JPEG files cannot be displayed
even if the file size is within this specified
, The image does not fit the screen (the image
is reduced).
, "MODE (MP3, JPEG)" is set to "AUDIO
(MP3)" (page 59).
The title of the MP3 audio album or track
is not correctly displayed.
, The player can only display numbers and
alphabet. Other characters are displayed as
, If the MP3 audio track being played back
has an ID3 tag, the ID3 tag information is
displayed as the track name.
The disc does not start playing from the
, Program Play, Shuffle Play, Repeat Play, or
A-B Repeat Play has been selected (page
, Resume play has taken effect (page 32).
c continued


Table of Contents

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