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Sony FD Trinitron KV-28FQ70U Instruction Manual

Fd trinitron wide colour television
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FD Trinitron
Colour Television
Instruction Manual
© 2003 by Sony Corporation
4-093-901-61 (1)


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 FD Trinitron Colour Television Instruction Manual KV-28FQ70U KV-32FQ70U © 2003 by Sony Corporation 4-093-901-61 (1)
  • Page 2: Notice For Customers In The United Kingdom

    If the plug supplied with this equipment has a detachable fuse cover, be sure to attach the fuse cover after you change the fuse. Never use the plug without the fuse cover. If you should lose the fuse cover, please contact your nearest Sony service station. How to replace the fuse Open the fuse compartment with a blade screwdriver, and replace the fuse.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Introduction Thank you for choosing this Sony FD Trinitron Colour Television. Before operating the TV, please read this manual thoroughly and retain it for future reference. • Symbols used in the manual: • Important information • Information on a feature.
  • Page 4: Safety Information

    Safety Information This set is to operate on a 220- 240V AC supply only. Take care not to connect too many appliances to the same power socket as this could result in fire or electric shock. Do not open the cabinet and the rear cover of the TV.
  • Page 5: Overview

    5 seconds). b) If Media Selector is switched to VCR: For Sony’s VCR double-digit programme numbers, e.g. 23, press -/- - first and then the buttons 2 and 3. 7 Selecting screen format: Press this button repeatedly to change the format of the screen.
  • Page 6: Overview Of Tv Buttons

    Overview of TV Buttons Headphones S video Input jack jack Video Input jack Inserting Batteries into the Remote Control Make sure you insert the supplied batteries using the correct polarities. Always remember to dispose of used batteries in an environmental friendly way. Connecting the Aerial and VCR Connecting cables are not supplied.
  • Page 7: First Time Operation

    Switching On the TV and Automatically Tuning The first time you switch on your TV, a sequence of menu screens appear on the TV enabling you to: 1) choose the language of the menu screen, 2) adjust the picture slant, 3) search and store all available channels (TV Broadcast) and 4) change the order in which the channels (TV Broadcast) appear on the screen.
  • Page 8 The Auto Tuning menu appears on the screen. Press the OK button to select Yes. The TV starts to automatically search and store all available broadcast channels for you. This procedure could take some minutes. Please be patient and do not press any buttons, otherwise automatic tuning will not be completed.
  • Page 9: Menu System

    Introducing and Using the Menu System Your TV uses an on-screen menu system to guide you through the operations. Use the following buttons on the Remote Control to operate the menu system: Press the MENU button to switch the first level menu on. •...
  • Page 10: Sound Adjustment

    • If you select “Dolby Virtual” on the “Effect” option, the “Auto Volume” option will automatically be switched to “Off” and vice versa. The “BBE High Definition Sound system” is manufactured by Sony Corporation under license from BBE Sound, Inc. It is covered by U.S. Patent No. 4,638,258 and No. 4,482,866. The word “BBE”...
  • Page 11: Sleep Timer

    Level 1 Level 2 • While watching the TV, you can press the remaining. • One minute before the TV switches itself into standby mode, the time remaining is displayed on the TV screen automatically. Even if you have selected “On” or “Off” in the “Auto Format” option, you can always modify the format of the screen by pressing repeatedly on the remote control to select one of the following formats: Smart: Imitation of wide screen effect for 4:3 broadcast.
  • Page 12: Av3 Output

    Level 1 Level 2 If you select “AUTO”, the output signal will always be the same one that is displayed on the screen. If you have connected a decoder to the Scart Scart, please remember to change back the “AV3 Output” to “AUTO” or “TV” for correct unscrambling.
  • Page 13: Pip Position

    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 / Function PIP POSITION The “PIP Position” option in the “Features” menu allows you to change the position of the “PIP” screen within the main screen. To do this: after selecting the option press to select the desired position.
  • Page 14: Programme Sorting

    Level 1 Level 2 Menu System Level 3 / Function PROGRAMME SORTING The “Programme Sorting” option in the “Set Up” menu allows you to change the order in which the channels (TV Broadcast) appear on the screen. To do this: after selecting the option, press and then proceed in the same way as in step 6 b) of the section “Switching On the TV and Automatically Tuning”...
  • Page 15: Manual Programme Preset

    Level 1 Level 2 2 After selecting the Channel option, press directly the channel number of the TV Broadcast or the channel of the VCR signal. If you do not know the channel number, press the desired channel, press OK twice to store. Repeat all the above steps to tune and store more channels.
  • Page 16: Picture Rotation

    Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 / Function PICTURE ROTATION Because of the earth’s magnetism, the picture may slant. If this is the case, you can correct the pictures slant by using the “Picture Rotation” option in the “Detail Set Up” menu. To do this: after selecting the option, press Then press to correct any slant of the...
  • Page 17: Teletext

    Teletext Teletext is an information service transmitted by most TV stations. The index page of the teletext service (usually page 100) gives you information on how to use the service. To operate teletext, use the remote control buttons as indicated below. Teletext errors may occur if you use a channel (TV Broadcast) with a weak signal.
  • Page 18: Nextview

    NexTView* (depending on availability of service). NexTView is an on-screen electronic programme guide, providing you with programme information for different broadcasters. When looking for information you can search by theme (sports, art, etc...) or date. If wrong characters appear when viewing NexTView, use the menu system to enter the “Language”...
  • Page 19 “Programme List” interface (fig. 1): Icons for different themes (see the “Icons’ key” below) Date Programme list * “Record” and “Remind” options will be shown on the screen as soon as a programme have been selected, but they will not be shown if you are watching the NexTView service on a TV channel which is not a NexTView provider.
  • Page 20: Additional Information

    If you use a VCR that supports SmartLink, please connect the VCR to the TV using a Scart lead to the Scart Additional Information 8mm/ Hi8/DVC “PlayStation”* Hi-fi camcorder Decoder Decoder “PlayStation” is a product of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. “PlayStation” is a trademark of Sony Computer Entertainment, Inc. continued...
  • Page 21: Using Optional Equipment

    Connecting to external Audio Equipment: Plug in your Hi-Fi equipment to the audio output sockets D if you wish to amplify the audio output from TV. Next , using the menu system, select the “Sound Adjustment” menu and set the “TV Speakers” to “Off” (see page 10). Audio level of the external speakers can be modified by pressing the volume buttons on the remote control.
  • Page 22: Remote Control Configuration For Vcr/Dvd

    Remote Control Configuration for VCR/DVD In it’s default condition this remote control will operate the basic functions of this Sony TV, Sony DVDs and most Sony VCRs. To control VCRs and DVDs of other manufacturers (and some Sony VCR models), please complete the following steps: Before you start, look up the 3 digit code for your brand of DVD or VCR from the list below.
  • Page 23: Specifications

    Specifications TV system: Colour system: SECAM, NTSC 3.58, 4.43 (only Video In) Channel Coverage: I: UHF B21-B69 Picture Tube: Flat Display FD Trinitron WIDE: • KV-28FQ70U: 28” (approx. 71 cm mesaured diagonally). • KV-32FQ70U: 32” (approx. 82 cm mesaured diagonally). Rear Terminals 21-pin scart connector...
  • Page 24: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting Here are some simple solutions to problems which may affect the picture and sound. Problem No picture (screen is dark) and no sound. Poor or no picture (screen is dark), but good sound. No picture or no menu information from equipment connected to the Scart connector.
  • Page 25 Media Selector has been set correctly. Enter the necessary code set as explained in the “Remote Control Configuration for VCR/DVD” chapter of this instruction manual (see page 22). • Replace the batteries. • Contact your nearest Sony service centre. Additional Information...
  • Page 26: Television Channel Guide For United Kingdom

    Television Channel Number Guide for United Kingdom Only the main transmitters are listed. Information regarding the regional sub-relay channel numbers can be obtained by contacting The BBC Engineering Information Dept., Telephone Number 020 7852 5040. Additional Information...
  • Page 28 Sony España, S.A. Printed in Spain Ecological Paper - Totally Chlorine Free...

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