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Troubleshooting - Sony CRX10U User Manual

Sony cd-r/rw drive user' manual crx10u
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If you are experiencing a problem with the drive, check the following
items before contacting us for assistance. If you cannot resolve the
problem after checking these items, contact your dealer or our
customer service department.
You can also find the latest user support information for the CRX10U
on web site. Refer to "Quick Start Guide" for details.
The drive is not recognized
by the computer, or it
behaves incorrectly or
After loading a disc, the
audio skips or data cannot
be read.
t The driver may not be properly installed. Try uninstalling
and then reinstalling the driver using the procedure in the
Quick Start Guide.
t The power connector or interface cable may not be properly
connected. Verify that the connectors are firmly mated at
the drive and the computer ends. Also refer to the Quick
Start Guide to confirm that the connections are correct.
t If using Windows 98 (except Second Edition or later), verify
that Service Pack 1 is installed, and if it is not, install it. Visit
the Microsoft web site to obtain the update.
t The disc may not be inserted with the label side facing up.
Discs must be loaded label-side up.
t The disc may be incompatible with this drive. Refer to
"Compatible Discs" on page 9.
t The disc or the drive lens on the drive may be dirty. If the
lens is dirty, contact your place of purchase or your nearest
repair service provider.
t The disc may be scratched. Try a different disc to determine
whether the drive is operating normally.
t There may be debris on the drive turntable. If so, wipe it
t Condensation may have formed in the drive or on the disc.
If the disc surface or the drive lens appears to be fogged,
remove the disc and wait approximately one hour for the
condensation to evaporate.


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