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Compact Disc
Operating Instructions
Owner's Record
The model and serial numbers are located on the bottom of the unit.
Record these numbers in the space provided below.
Refer to these numbers whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this
Model No. CDX-CA660X/CA650X Serial No.
For installation and connections, see the supplied installation/connections
© 2001 Sony Corporation
3-226-961-11 (1)


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 The model and serial numbers are located on the bottom of the unit. Record these numbers in the space provided below. Refer to these numbers whenever you call upon your Sony dealer regarding this product. Model No. CDX-CA660X/CA650X Serial No.
  • Page 2 CAUTION The use of optical instruments with this product will increase eye hazard. Welcome ! Thank you for purchasing this Sony Compact Disc Player. You can enjoy its various features even more with: •Optional CD/MD units (both changers and players)* •CD TEXT information (displayed when a CD...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Table of Contents Location of controls ... 4 Precautions ... 6 Notes on discs ... 6 Getting Started Resetting the unit ... 7 Detaching the front panel ... 8 Setting the clock ... 9 CD Player CD/MD Unit (optional) Playing a disc ... 9 Display items ...
  • Page 4: Location Of Controls

    Location of controls Refer to the pages listed for details. : During Playback CD/MD : During TV reception 1 MBP (My Best sound Position) button 19 2 Z (eject) button (located on the front side of the unit, behind the front panel) 9, 22 3 MENU button 9, 11, 12, 13, 15, 19, 20, 21, 22 4 Volume control dial...
  • Page 5 (DISC/PRESET) (+): to select upwards (SEEK) (–): to select leftwards/ (DISC/PRESET) (–): to select downwards In menu mode, the currently selectable button (s) of these four are indicated with a “M” in the display. qk DISC/PRESET buttons (+/–) 10, 12 CD/MD 14, 16 RADIO...
  • Page 6: Precautions

    If you have any questions or problems concerning your unit that are not covered in this manual, please consult your nearest Sony dealer. Moisture condensation On a rainy day or in a very damp area, moisture condensation may occur inside the lenses and display of the unit.
  • Page 7: Getting Started

    Notes on CD-R discs •You can play CD-Rs (recordable CDs) designed for audio use on this unit. Look for this mark to distinguish CD-Rs for audio use. This mark denotes that a disc is not for audio use. •Some CD-Rs (depending on the equipment used for its recording or the condition of the disc) may not play on this unit.
  • Page 8: Detaching The Front Panel

    Detaching the front panel You can detach the front panel of this unit to protect the unit from being stolen. Caution alarm If you turn the ignition switch to the OFF position without removing the front panel, the caution alarm will beep for a few seconds. If you connect an optional amplifier and do not use the built-in amplifier, the beep sound will be deactivated.
  • Page 9: Setting The Clock

    Setting the clock The clock uses a 12-hour digital indication. Example: To set the clock to 10:08 Press (MENU), then press either side of (DISC/PRESET) repeatedly until “CLOCK” appears. 1 Press (ENTER). The hour indication flashes. 2 Press either side of (DISC/PRESET) to set the hour.
  • Page 10: Display Items

    (With optional unit) Press (SOURCE) repeatedly to select “CD” or “MD.” Press (MODE) repeatedly until the desired unit appears. Playback starts. Press Skip discs (DISC/PRESET) (+/–) – Disc selection Display items When the disc/track changes, any prerecorded title of the new disc/track is automatically displayed (if the Auto Scroll function is set to “ON,”...
  • Page 11: Labeling A Cd

    Labeling a CD — Disc Memo (For a CD unit with the CUSTOM FILE function) You can label each disc with a custom name (Disc Memo). You can enter up to 8 characters for a disc. If you label a CD, you can locate the disc by name (page 12).
  • Page 12: Locating A Disc By Name

    Press (MENU) twice. The unit returns to normal CD play mode. Notes • When the Disc Memo for a CD TEXT disc is erased, the original CD TEXT information is displayed. • If you cannot find the Disc Memo you want to erase, try selecting a different CD unit in step 2.
  • Page 13: Radio

    Playing specific tracks only You can select: •BANK-ON — to play the tracks with the ”PLAY” setting. •BANK-INV (Inverse) — to play the tracks with the ”SKIP” setting. During playback, press (MENU), then press either side of (DISC/PRESET) repeatedly until ”BANK-ON,” ”BANK-INV,”...
  • Page 14: Receiving The Stored Stations

    Receiving the stored stations Press (SOURCE) repeatedly to select the radio. Press (MODE) repeatedly to select the band. Press the number button ((1) to (6)) on which the desired station is stored. Press either side of (DISC/PRESET) to receive the stations in the order they are stored in the memory (Preset Search function).
  • Page 15: Storing Station Names

    Storing station names — Station Memo You can assign a name to each radio station and store it in memory. The name of the station currently tuned in appears in the display. You can assign a name using up to 8 characters for a station.
  • Page 16: Locating A Station By Name - List-up

    Locating a station by name — List-up During radio reception, press (LIST). The name assigned to the station currently tuned appears in the display. Press either side of (DISC/PRESET) repeatedly until you find the desired station. If no name is assigned to the selected station, the frequency appears in the display.
  • Page 17 Only if the corresponding optional equipment is connected. If your car has no ACC (accessory) position on the ignition key switch, be sure to press (OFF) for 2 seconds to turn off the clock indication after turning off the ignition. By rotating the control SEEK/AMS control...
  • Page 18: Adjusting The Sound Characteristics

    Adjusting the sound characteristics You can adjust the bass, treble, balance, and fader. The bass and treble levels can be stored independently for each source. Select the item you want to adjust by pressing (SOUND) repeatedly. Each time you press (SOUND), the item changes as follows: BAS (bass) t TRE (treble) t BAL (left-right) t FAD (front-rear)
  • Page 19: Selecting The Sound Position

    P/M (Play Mode) •LOCAL-ON/OFF (Local seek mode) (page 14) — Select “ON” to only tune into stations with stronger signals. •MONO-ON/OFF* (Monaural mode) (page 14) — Select “ON” to hear FM radio/TV stereo broadcast in monaural. Select “OFF” to return to normal mode. •IF AUTO/WIDE (page 14) * This function cannot change the TV sound setting if the optional TV tuner XT-40V is...
  • Page 20: Setting The Equalizer

    Setting the equalizer You can select an equalizer curve for seven music types (VOCAL, CLUB, JAZZ, NEW AGE, ROCK, CUSTOM, and XPLOD). You can store and adjust the equalizer settings for frequency and level. Selecting the equalizer curve Press (SOURCE) to select a source (radio, CD, or MD).
  • Page 21: Tv/video (optional)

    TV/Video (optional) You can connect an optional TV tuner and TV monitor to this unit. Watching the TV Press (SOURCE) repeatedly until “TV” appears. Press either side of (DISC/PRESET) repeatedly to select the desired TV band. Watching a video Press (SOURCE) repeatedly until “TV” appears.
  • Page 22: Storing Only The Desired Tv Channels

    Storing only the desired TV channels You can store up to 12 channels (6 each for TV1 and 2) on the number buttons in the order of your choice. Press (SOURCE) repeatedly until “TV” appears. Press either side of (SEEK) to tune in the TV channel that you want to store.
  • Page 23: Additional Information

    If the fuse blows again after replacement, there may be an internal malfunction. In such a case, consult your nearest Sony dealer. Fuse (10 A) Warning Never use a fuse with an amperage rating exceeding the one supplied with the unit as this could damage the unit.
  • Page 24: Removing The Unit

    Removing the unit Remove the front cover 1 Detach the front panel (page 8). 2 Press the clip inside the front cover with a thin screwdriver. 3 Repeat step 2 for the other side. Remove the unit 1 Use a thin screwdriver to push in the clip on the left side of the unit, then pull out the left side of the unit until the catch clears the mounting.
  • Page 25: Specifications

    Specifications AUDIO POWER SPECIFICATIONS POWER OUTPUT AND TOTAL HARMONIC DISTORTION 23 watts per channel minimum continuous average power into 4 ohms, 4 channels driven from 20 Hz to 20 kHz with no more than 5% total harmonic distortion. CD player section Signal-to-noise ratio 90 dB Frequency response...
  • Page 26: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting The following checklist will help you remedy problems you may encounter with your unit. Before going through the checklist below, check the connection and operating procedures. General No sound. •Rotate the volume control dial clockwise to adjust the volume. •Cancel the ATT function.
  • Page 27: Error Displays/messages

    The disc number of the disc causing the error appears in the display. If these solutions do not help improve the situation, consult your nearest Sony dealer. Messages L.SEEK +/– The Local Seek mode is on during automatic tuning (page 14).
  • Page 28 Sony Corporation Printed in Korea...

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