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Use Of The Appliance; Setting The Water Softener - Electrolux GA55GLV402 User Manual

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Table of Contents
• To set the water softener level.
• To deactivate/activate the rinse aid dis-
• To deactivate/activate the audible signals.
Press the on/off button. The appliance is in
setting mode when:
– The programme button indicator light
comes on,
– the digital display shows 2 horizontal bars.
Press the on/off button. The appliance is not
in setting mode when:
– The programme button indicator light
comes on,
– the digital display shows the time duration
of a washing programme.
– A washing programme is set. It is neces-
sary to cancel the programme to go back
to the setting mode. Refer to the chapter
'Setting and starting a washing pro-
Audible signals
You can hear an audible signal:
• At the end of the washing programme.
• During the setting of the level of the water
• When the appliance has a malfunction.
The activation of the audible signals is set at
the factory.
Do these steps to deactivate the audible sig-

Use of the appliance

Refer to the following instructions for each
step of procedure:
1. Make a check if the water softener level
is correct for the water hardness in your
area. If necessary set the water softener.
2. Fill the salt container with dishwasher salt.
3. Fill the rinse aid dispenser with rinse aid.
4. Load cutlery and dishes into the dish-

Setting the water softener

The water softener removes minerals and
salts from the water supply. Minerals and
salts can have bad effect on the operation of
the appliance.
Water hardness is measured in equivalent
• German degrees (dH°).
1. Switch on the appliance.
2. Make sure that the appliance is in setting
3. Press and hold function buttons B and C
until the indicator lights of function but-
tons A, B and C start to flash.
4. Release function buttons A and B.
5. Press the function button C.
– Indicator lights for function buttons A
and B go off.
– Indicator light for function button C
– The digital display shows the setting.
The audible signals are activated.
6. Press the function button C again.
– The digital display shows the new set-
The audible signals are deactivated.
7. Switch off the appliance to save the op-
Do these steps to activate the audible sig-
1. Do the above procedure until the digital
display shows necessary setting.
5. Set the correct washing programme for
the type of load and soil.
6. Fill the detergent dispenser with the cor-
rect quantity of detergent.
7. Start the washing programme.
If you use combi detergent tablets ('3 in
1', '4 in 1', '5 in 1', etc.), refer to the
chapter 'Multitab function'.
• French degrees (°TH).
• mmol/l (millimol per litre - international unit
for the hardness of water).
• Clarke.
Adjust the water softener to the water hard-
ness in your area. If necessary, contact your
local water authority.
electrolux 79
Audible signals deactiva-
Audible signals activated


Table of Contents