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Canon Color Network Printer Unit-D1 Service Bulletin

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Color Network Printer Unit-D1
New function: here are the new functions in Color Network Printer Unit-D1
[1 New function]
1. LCD Workflow / Menu Tree
1-1,Print Master
1-2,Print Cover Page
1-3,Print Form Setup
2. FTP Printing
3. Reduced Booklet
4. CWS4.1
4-1,Scale to Fit
4-2,Previewing Locked/Secure PDF
4-3,Clear Server Enhancement
4-4,Align Trays (Same feature as CLC server controllers)
4-5,Export and Clear JobLog
4-6,UniDriver like Job Properties Window
5. CWS LE for Mac OS X
5-1,Auto Rasterizing for Preview
6. Fiery Driver 2.0
6-1,User Customizable Shortcuts
6-2,FreeForm Preview
6-3,EFI Job Monitor
6-4,Mixed Media 1.2
Service Bulletin
Issued by Canon Europa N.V.
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  • Page 1 30-04-04 Location: PS PRINT SERVER UNIT-D1 Subject: SYSTEM SOFTWARE V2.0 RELEASE New function: here are the new functions in Color Network Printer Unit-D1 [1 New function] 1. LCD Workflow / Menu Tree 1-1,Print Master 1-2,Print Cover Page 1-3,Print Form Setup 2.
  • Page 2 - Cover page is printed after body pages. - Unable to use iR user Box. (limitation of iR series) In Color Network Printer Unit-D1, cover page will be printed before body pages, but iR user box issue remains. In addition PCL cover page is not supported and some of the information on the coverpage can only calculated after the job has been printed on a Color Network Printer Unit-D1 system.
  • Page 3 3. Reduced Booklet Reduced booklet was dropped from Yukon because of many restrictions such as limited application support. In Color Network Printer Unit-E1/ Color Network Printer Unit-D1, we changed the procedure of reduced booklet as follows to solve all limitations.
  • Page 4 Acc-391 4. CWS4.1 4-1. Scale to Fit There are two methods for a user to scale a document defined with one paper size to onto a different paper size. Some applications, including Adobe Acrobat 4.x/5.x, Photoshop 6, Microsoft Excel, etc., provide a specific option to 'fit to page'. Applying this option, the application inserts commands into the ps stream acted upon by the interpreter to fit the document to the selected paper size.
  • Page 5 Acc-391 Specifying this option in CWS4 overrides the setting from the application. This feature is not available from the Fiery Driver because there is no clear way to make this feature straightforward and easy use from the Fiery Driver, especially when used in conjunction with the application 'fit to page' feature and the CWS4 override feature.
  • Page 6 Acc-391 4-3. Clear Server Enhancement This feature allows the user to clear jobs for each Held jobs, Active Jobs, Printed Jobs, Archived jobs (Server Internal), Archived jobs (Network Links), FreeForm Masters, Scan jobs separately. This feature can be executed only from CWS4.1 and will not be available from LCD menu and CWS LE 4.0 for Macintosh.
  • Page 7 Acc-391 The date and time of the last Tray Alignment calibration is also shown under Select Tray. At initial alignment, or if default values have been restored, the date and time is shown as "Default". Step 2 - Print Alignment Page The second step in the tray alignment process is to print a calibration page If the device is enabled for duplex printing, a checkbox exists in this section for Print Duplex.
  • Page 8 Acc-391 4-6. UniDriver like Job Properties Window In CWS4.1, Job Properties Window UI will be changed to UI like UniDriver Fiery tab. User can set following settings that will be newly supported in UniDriver 2.0. - User Customizable Shortcuts - Preview FreeForm Master - Mixed Media 5.
  • Page 9 Acc-391 5-1. Auto Rasterizing for Preview The user can only see previews for rasterized jobs because DBPro is not supported on CWS LE 4.0. If the user previews a job that is not rasterized, the Fiery will automatically rasterize the job and generate a preview. Note: Raster date is held after quitting from Preview.
  • Page 10 Acc-391 6-2. FreeForm Preview Two-way Communications enables the Fiery driver to receive / retrieve stored FreeForm masters already resident in the Fiery server. Once queried, the stored FreeForm masters can then be retrieved and used as often as needed with multiple sets of variable element data.
  • Page 11 Acc-391 Note1: Preview Master is available only when Two-Way communication is enabled. Note2: Available FreeForm Masters are denoted by their number and name, i.e. “Sample FreeForm Master” whereas blank slots show only the number. Note3: If a pre-existing FreeForm Master is chosen, a warning dialog box will pop-up. But if user chooses to continue, the pre-existing FreeForm Master will be overwritten with the new one.
  • Page 12 Acc-391 F-11 (12/24)
  • Page 13 Acc-391 F-12 F-13 (13/24)
  • Page 14 Acc-391 F-14 (14/24)
  • Page 15 Acc-391 F-15 F-16 F-17 (15/24)
  • Page 16 Acc-391 6-4. Mixed Media 1.2 This feature allows the user to specify Chapter start, Media Type, Paper Source and Duplex setting for defined page range. (This feature is available in both UniDriver and CWS4.1.) If clicking “Define…” button in Paper Source tab/Mixed Media, following Mixed Media window will be appeared.
  • Page 17 Acc-391 Page Range Enter page number for modification. (Ex. 2-15) Mixed Media setting will be effective for specified page range. : User cannot specify same page with different setting. If same page number is specified more than twice, “Page Defined Twice Or More” warning message window will be appeared.
  • Page 18 Acc-391 - Duplex setting should be same between FreeForm Master and Variable data. - Paper Source / Media Type setting of Variable data is used for Use Master job if those settings are different between Master and Variable data. 6-5. Draggable Watermark This feature allows the user to moves and rotates and the watermark dynamically by dragging any of the corners of the frame.
  • Page 19 Acc-391 F-20 - Pop-Up Menu function can be Enabled/Disabled. - In addition to Pop-Up Menu Information, user can set PPD options on Pop-Up Menu by executing right-mouse clicking on category bar. F-21 6-7. Printer Status Tab This is available on UniDriver and it shows Tray information of connected copier. Information of Paper Size, Availability of paper, Paper dimensions and Media type will be shown.
  • Page 20 Acc-391 6-8. About Tab The About tab displays important information about the driver version and the Fiery. This is done through bi-directional communication. Bi-directional communication enables the Fiery driver to receive/retrieve the list of features supported by the Fiery server. This list of features is displayed in the About Tab of the Fiery driver. The bidirectional communication process occurs automatically in the background and would not interrupt the user’s workflow.
  • Page 21 ON the power of the Color Network Printer Unit-D1. When the power cord is inserted to the Color Network Printer Unit-D1 and the power of the unit is turned ON, the power reaches to the PCC board via the power supply unit (through CN2 connector and J1). If the power of the copying machine is turned ON, the signal goes to the PCC board (through J790 and P1)via the copying machine's interface cable.
  • Page 22 Here are the restrictions in Color Network Printer Unit-D1 MacOS X10.3 is not supported. (TBD) [System installation procedure] Please refer to the following for the system installation and the shutdown procedure. System CD and User CD are common in Color Network Printer Unit-D1 (22/24)
  • Page 23 Command Work Station LE 1.0.067[Mac] E-mail Port Monitor MacOSX PPD Installer 1.1.1 Sun Java 1.4.1_02 Color Network Scan Gear 1.40 Net Spot Console 3.10 Device Status Extension Win/XP 1.20 Netspot Device Installer 3.00 Canon NDPS Gateway 1.20 Canon LPR 2.11 (23/24)
  • Page 24 Acc-391 [Patch of correction of ruled line problem of ""] Patch of correction of ruled line problem of "" is enclosed. When nup is printed, this patch corrects the problem being irregularly drawn to the ruled line. Instructions for installing the patch: 1) Download the patch with Fiery Downloader or Command Workstatiosn to the Direct Queue.