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Section 5: Contacts And Accounts; Adding A New Contact; Saving A Phone Number; Setting Up Accounts - Samsung SPH-L500 Basic Manual

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Section 5: Contacts and Accounts

Adding a New Contact

1. From the Home screen, touch
2. At the prompt, select a save option for the
contact (options depend on accounts set
3. Touch contact fields to enter information.
to choose a label, and touch
to add new field:
• Contact photo: Touch
• Phone: Enter a phone number.
• Name: Enter a name for the contact.
• Groups: Assign the contact to a group.
• Ringtone: Choose a ringtone for the contact.
• Message alert
• Vibration pattern: Choose a vibration pattern to
play along with the ringtone when this contact
calls or sends a message.
• Add another field: Add more fields, including
Phonetic Name, Organization, IM, Notes,
Nickname, Website, Internet call, or Relationship.
4. When you finish entering information,
touch Save.
Create contact.
to select a picture.
DRAFT - Internal Use Only

Saving a Phone Number

1. From the Home screen, touch
2. Touch the digits of the telephone number
on the Keypad.
3. Touch
Add to contacts, then select
Create contact or Update existing.
4. Continue entering contact information.

Setting up Accounts

Your phone provides the ability to synchronize
information, from a variety of accounts, including
Email, Google, and Microsoft Exchange.
Depending on the account, you can choose to
synchronize your calendar, contacts, and other
types of content.
Contacts from your accounts appear in your
phone's Contacts, and you can save new
contacts to an account.
With synchronization, you can ensure that
information on your phone is updated with any
information that changes in your accounts.
Contacts and Accounts


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