Drive Operation - Acer SDX-400C User Manual

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Drive Operation

Loading a Tape
Insert a cassette into the slot on the front panel with the arrow on the
cassette pointing towards the drive. As the cassette is inserted, the drive
takes it and automatically loads it into drive mechanism.
Unloading a Tape
The cassette can be removed from the SDX-400C either in response to a
SCSI Unload Command, or by pressing the eject bottom.
By pressing Eject button, the tape goes to BOT, the drive unthreads it, and
ejects the cassette from the slot.
Write-protecting a Tape
Cassettes can be write-protected by sliding the tab on the back of the
cassette. In this state, data can be read from the tape but not written onto it.
Using a Cleaning Cassette
In case of SDX-400, a cleaning function is built in the drive and hence, a
periodic cleaning using cleaning cassette such as other format requires is
not necessary. However, when the drive does not recover at the worst case,
cleaning cassette is recommended to use.
Using your fingernail, push the switch in the
direction of the arrow to protect the tape from
writing or accidental erasure.
Return the switch to its original position to
re-enable writing.


Table of Contents

Table of Contents